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Petsi Pies review image

BOS Review

Petsi Pies

Petsi Pies is an excellent Black-owned pie shop in Somerville - they even have some vegan options available.

Q Restaurant review image

BOS Review

Q Restaurant

Q restaurant in Chinatown may be part of a secret society - one that serves tasty hot pot.

Bar Lyon review image

BOS Review

Bar Lyon

Bar Lyon is a little French restaurant in the South End, and it’s exactly what you want in a “little French restaurant.”

Umami review image

BOS Review


Umami is an omakase-only sushi restaurant in North Cambridge. Not only is it good, it also has one of the most affordable omakase options in Boston.

No Relation review image

BOS Review

No Relation

No Relation is a secret sushi counter inside of a South End tiki bar that’s also kind of a secret.

Boston Chops review image

BOS Review

Boston Chops

Boston Chops is Downtown steakhouse that looks and feels very much the way you expect a downtown steakhouse to.