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Terra review image

BOS Review


Terra is the restaurant on the top floor of Eataly in Back Bay with a great outdoor patio and some very nice plants.

La Morra review image

BOS Review

La Morra

La Morra is an Italian restaurant in Brookline with excellent small plates and pastas.

Rincón Limeño Restaurant review image

BOS Review

Rincón Limeño Restaurant

Rincón Limeño is a Peruvian restaurant in East Boston with a full liquor license and great ceviche.

Woods Hill Pier 4 review image

BOS Review

Woods Hill Pier 4

Woods Hill is a restaurant in the Seaport. It’s named after a farm, so that should give you a pretty good idea of what to expect.

Bar Lyon review image

BOS Review

Bar Lyon

Bar Lyon is a little French restaurant in the South End, and it’s exactly what you want in a “little French restaurant.”

Black Lamb review image

BOS Review

Black Lamb

Black Lamb is a competent brasserie in the South End.