Where To Eat And Drink Before A Red Sox Game

Where to pregame Fenway Park.
Where To Eat And Drink Before A Red Sox Game  image

Fenway is a special place. It’s also an expensive place, a cramped place, and a place where, if you’re not careful, you could get randomly hit in the face with a flying pizza. As a result, the quality of your Sox game experience is highly dependent not just on what happens in the ballpark, but where you go beforehand. It’s a big decision. Don’t screw it up.

When It’s Your First Time


Bar Food


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You know how Fox always has a camera in a bar during playoff games? The one they cut to after a Sox home run to show hundreds of strangers dousing themselves in overpriced light beer? That’s the Cask ’n Flagon. It’s so close to the ballpark that you might get hit by a batting practice homer while you’re waiting in line to get in. It’ll be crowded and rowdy inside, but that’ll just get you ready for the game.

When It’s Your 101st Time

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While the bars immediately surrounding the ballpark are fun, eventually you’re going to get sick of waiting 15 minutes just to get a Solo cup filled with foamy beer. Get out of Kenmore Square and head to Bukowski’s on Dalton Street instead. You’ll get craft beers, proper glassware, a decent selection of bar burgers, and you’ll actually be able to sit down. It’s about a 10-minute walk to the ballpark from here, but you’ll be cutting through the Fens, so there’s nothing to complain about.

Audubon is even closer to the ballpark than Bukowski’s, but people must have some kind of phobia about crossing Beacon Street and the parking lots lining Brookline Ave, because it’s rarely uncomfortably crowded here before the game. Get here early enough and you can even grab a table on the bamboo-lined patio out back. With things like fish tacos, burrata, and octopus, you don’t have to settle for bar food, either.

When You Care More About Eating Than Drinking, and You Didn’t Plan Ahead

Just because you can’t get into any of the neighborhood’s best sit-down restaurants, doesn’t mean you need to settle for fast food. Eventide is a fast-casual spot on Boylston filled with beer, wine, and a brown butter lobster roll that’s so good you’ll later consider leaving the game in the 7th inning to get another one. Order at the counter, have some great seafood, and make it into the ballpark in time for the first pitch.

When You’re a Fan of the Opposing Team

You’re going to have to get to Bleacher Bar early in order to get in, but as the old saying goes, the early bird gets to drink and stuff its face with fries while having a direct, field-level view of its team taking batting practice. As the name implies, Bleacher Bar is built directly into the centerfield bleachers, with only a wire garage door separating the players on the field from the fans licking hot sauce off their fingers. It’s definitely a little bit of a hassle to get in here and get a good table, but your team only comes to Fenway a couple of times a year, so it’s worth it to get a really good view of your guys stretching hamstrings on the field while the Sox take BP inside.

When You’re a Fan of the Opposing Team and That Team Is the Yankees

It’s a Scottish place, we think. You’ll love it.

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