Where To Get Pizza Delivery In Boston

16 great pizza spots currently offering delivery to the sweatpants masses.

You can really dig yourself into a deep, dark hole if you think too much about the frozen chicken and bacon on your grocery store pizza. Since these times call for scurrying down more pleasant rabbit holes (may we suggest “marble racing” on YouTube) while eating good food, we’ve put together a list of phenomenal pizza spots in Boston that will deliver right to your door.

If you don’t mind getting takeout pizza in your sweatpants, you can also support Stoked Pizza, Galleria Umberto, Ciao Pizza, and Molinari’s.

The Spots

If you’ve never tried Boston’s most renowned pizza, now’s the time. The original in the North End still serves the best pies, but there are also other locations spread throughout the city. Search for your closest branch, and order through UberEats.

Posto in Somerville has great wood-fired pizzas, and they’re offering a limited pizza menu of classics like pepperoni, mushroom, and sausage for delivery. Their hours change on a daily basis, so follow along on their Instagram for more information.

A margherita pizza and a morning cup of coffee are just two of life’s essential things. But some days we need something more exciting, like the El Hefe pizza from All Star - with ancho chile sauce, mango, pulled pork, and smoked mozzarella. Get one delivered to your pajama-clad self here.

The pizzas from Area Four are like warm pieces of sourdough topped with cheese, which is exactly the comfort we all need right now. Almost all of the pizzas are great (the anchovy pizza is a little too anchovy-heavy for us, but it might not be for you), and delivery orders can be placed here.

There are surprisingly few affordable pizza spots in Back Bay, but since Dirty Water’s around, we probably don’t need any other options anyway. All of their IPA-infused, thin-crust pizzas are solid, but we particularly enjoy the Steak ’n Cola pizza. Order a pie through UberEats. They also have an East Boston location.

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Salty Pig is primarily a charcuterie restaurant, so it’s no surprise that their signature pizza is loaded with what they’re calling “pig parts” and mustard crema. Admittedly, we’re fans of the edible charcuterie board idea. You can order delivery here.

If crazy flavor combinations are your thing, then you should order from Dragon Pizza - the Maple Bacon Cheddar and Kung Pao Chicken are some of the most unique options we’ve seen.

Ducali has a pizza with lobster on it, because there must be some unwritten rule that requires every North End restaurant to serve lobster. There are plenty of other pies and a DIY kit for home available as well - have one brought to your door by ordering here.

There are a number of unusual combinations available for the flatbread-style pizzas at Fig’s, including a pie that’s topped with crispy calamari. Since that means we don’t have to dip our calamari in tomato sauce, which inherently lowers the chance of sauce on the sheets, we’re all for it. Place an order online for delivery.

Ernesto's Pizza


Old-school counter-service spot Ernesto’s has delivery available at their Assembly Row location. There are some gluten-free options available as well - order through UberEats.

Brewer’s Fork is now delivering it’s great pizzas on Uber Eats, and that’s enough cause for a mini life celebration. The spicy clam pie is one of our favorites, but if that’s not your thing, the “Killer B” with salami and hot honey is pretty good too. For those who need something to supplement their pizza order, there are also sandwiches and steak on the menu.

Locale is a North End pizzeria, but you won’t really find many run-of-the-mill pies here. They do have a margherita, but that’s about the only “classic” on the menu, with options like the brussels sprout pizza with smoked mozzarella, and a Cacio E Pepe pizza being the main reasons we always have this place in mind. Place an order on Uber Eats for delivery, available daily from 4pm onwards.

The pizza at Hot Box has a chewy crust with a nice, crisp exterior, which makes the pies some of our favorites in Somerville. We also enjoy some of their twists on toppings - the pepperoni, for instance, comes with a nice sprinkling of feta. During the week, Hot Box is open from 5pm-12am, and brunch pizzas are available on the weekends. Place an order here.

The well-charred pizzas from Picco have amazingly crispy crusts. Order some pies for delivery (we like the sausage, fennel, and ricotta one), and have an in-house “crunchy pizza sounds” concert.

South End staple Coppa is one of our favorite places to grab a bowl of pasta, but they also have some pretty great pizzas. There are only four choices to choose from - we recommend the Nostrano with salami and honey, or you could just order all four pies.

Santarpio’s is one of our favorite pizza places in Boston, but it’s last on this list because we have a hard time recommending their pizzas for takeout or delivery - it simply does not hold up well. Nevertheless, it’s available for you if you want to place an order.

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