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4 Great Spots In Boston For Iced Coffee

It’s warm out, so get some coffee on ice for takeout.

Sure, you could get iced coffee from just about any coffee shop right now. But in the same vein, you could also get a sandwich from any gas station, and yet we’re not seeing many lines at the local pumps. So we’re here with five of our favorite spots to grab a cold brew right now. Because even when you’re not near toxic fumes, it sure is hot out there.

The Spots

Ripple Cafe

We’ve already praised the iced coffee at Ripple in our coffee shop guide, but there’s always room for more. At least, that’s what we took away from a recent rewatch of Sister Act. Thankfully, Ripple’s cold brew stands the test of time, which is more than we can say of the movie.

The Well is Boston’s only non-profit coffee shop, which may be reason enough to support them. But it’s also important to know that they make light, medium, and dark roast cold brews, which is a rarity in this city. So you can pick your preferred style of coffee, even when it’s 200 degrees outside - a fact that makes us sleep easier at night.

Kohi has two locations, one Downtown and the other in Brighton. We prefer the latter, if only because Brighton feels like a different city and we’re desperate for anything that remotely resembles escapism right now. Additionally, Kohi sells a NoLA cold brew that’s been steeped with chicory, which further fuels the reality-denials.

Cambridge coffee spot 1369, with branches in Inman and Central Square, has a unique malted cold brew that’s finished with just a little bit of sugar and milk. The grain adds a nice richness to the coffee, which can almost make you feel like you’re having dessert for breakfast. Or maybe that’s just the chocolate croissant you ordered as well.

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photo credit: Joel Ang

4 Great Spots In Boston For Iced Coffee guide image