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Boston’s New Restaurant Openings

The new restaurant openings you should know about.

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141 Spots
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141 Spots
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If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant in Boston, you might go a little bit crazy. So just read this list instead. These are the new restaurant openings that seem like they have the most potential - although keep in mind, for the ones we haven’t tried, we make no promises. Go forth and be a pioneer.

We’ll be regularly updating this post. Once we check out each spot, we’ll add a note so you know where to read more about it - in our Hit List.



$$$$ 318 Harvard Street

Gantetsu-Ya is a new Japanese street food stall in the Coolidge Corner arcade. There are few things in life we like more than Japanese street food, so we’re excited.


$$$$ 6 Beacon St

The former 6B Lounge - a Downtown bar that existed solely for the purpose of after-work drinks - has been replaced by a new tiki place with a menu of bar bites. Sounds like an improvement to us.

Jamaica Mi Hungry

$$$$ 225 Centre Street

You’ve seen the jerk chicken food truck around town, and now you can find it in brick-and-mortar form in Jamaica Plain.

Pazza On Porter

$$$$ 107 Porter Street

The owners of Caffe Dello Sport on Hanover Street are branching out with a full-service Italian restaurant in East Boston.

Family Affair

$$$$ 554 Columbia St

How many different kinds of chicken and waffles do you know how to make? If your answer is somewhere between 0 and 51, then, sorry, you don’t know how to make as many different kinds of chicken and waffles as this new Caribbean restaurant in Dorchester.


$$$$ 120 Kingston St

If you’ve ever had a friend visit Boston only to complain about our lack of restaurants that showcase the cuisine of Oklahoma, now you can take them to Stillwater for some Ritz cracker-crusted fried chicken.


$$$$ 14 Tyler St

Aeronaut Brewery in Somerville already has Boston’s best brewery dining option in The Tasting Counter. But if you’re not up to a two-hour tasting menu, now you can get arepas at Carolicious.


Alejandro Ramos

OddFellows Ice Cream

$$$$ 55 Boylston St

If you’ve never had olive oil and strawberry jam flavored ice cream, now you can at this NYC-based ice cream place that opened in Chestnut Hill.


Italian  in  Fenway
$$$$ 188 Brookline St

Now that the people behind Sweet Cheeks, Tiger Mama, and Fool’s Errand opened up an Italian place, Orfano, there’s now an entire block of the Fenway that’s almost completely controlled by one restaurant group. But we’re big fans of the first three restaurants, so if Orfano is any good and the city wants to let them name the street, we’re good with that.

Shy Bird

$$$$ 1 Broadway

Kendall Square has a new all-day counter-service cafe, and this one serves beer and wine along with its specialty rotisserie meats.




The fast-casual Greek spot opened its second location. It’s in the Seaport and, unlike the original Back Bay location, it has a liquor license.

Create Gallery & Cocktails

$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

Bow Market may be officially finished now that there’s a small cocktail bar/art gallery that serves draft cocktails created by bartenders from around the city.

Taqueria El Barrio

$$$$ 1022 Commonwealth Ave

The people behind Bisq, one of our favorite restaurants in Cambridge, have opened a counter-service taco place on Comm Ave. near BU.

Boba Me

$$$$ 1520 Tremont

A new cafe in Mission Hill is serving boba tea and “flaming hot cheese fries.” We’re all for interesting combinations, so you do you, Boba Me.

Pai Kin Kao

$$$$ 80 River Street

What used to be Chick Chick Boom, a Central Square chicken place, is now Pai Kin Kao, and it focuses on Thai and ramen.

110 Grill

$$$$ 1 District Ave

A new location of an American chain has opened in the South Bay area of Dorchester, and it calls itself “upscale-casual.” That doesn’t seem to make sense, but we don’t necessarily dislike things that don’t make sense.


Brian Samuels

The Emory

$$$$ 21 Beacon St

There’s a new restaurant at the top of Beacon Hill and and it has a couple of things on the menu we’ve never heard off, like a lobster sausage sandwich and baked potato beignets.


$$$$ 308 Harvard Street

Parlour is a new tapas place in Coolidge Corner, so now you have a tapas place to eat at before attending a French film festival at the Coolidge Corner Theater.

The Oyster Club

$$$$ 79 Park Plaza

We don’t necessarily need more oyster bars, but we’ll always welcome them. This one is just off the Public Garden, and it seems like a place where a lot of people will be paying with corporate cards.


$$$$ 272 Hanover Street

There’s a new restaurant on Hanover Street and, you’re not going to believe this, but it’s Italian. It’s called Dolce, and it specializes in pizza and gelato.

Kingston Cuts

Steaks  in  Downtown
$$$$ 25 Kingston Street

Downtown Crossing has a new steak-y bistro, with a separate bar and lounge area up front.

Black Lamb

Black Lamb

AmericanSeafoodFrench  in  South End
$$$$ 571 Tremont St

The people behind Bar Mezzana, Shore Leave, and No Relation - three South End spots we’re fans of - opened Black Lamb, an “American brasserie and raw bar.” We’re excited.

Silk Road Express

$$$$ 1 Brighton Ave

This is the second location of an Uyghur restaurant in Cambridge, and it’s in the wonderful Super 88 Asian food hall in Allston.

It’s a delivery-only restaurant, which we’re not sure even counts as a restaurant. But if you live near their kitchen in Allston, then you can get some chicken sandwiches that look pretty good, and hopefully travel well.

Kim’s Tofu

$$$$ 160 Brighton Ave

Kim’s is a new Korean place in Allston, and it makes all its tofu in-house.

111 East

$$$$ 11 Fan Pier Boulevard

The team behind Lola 42 in the Seaport has opened up a new hot pot place a couple doors down.


$$$$ 170 Charles Street

The people behind Juliet, an awesomely casual and affordable fine-dining restaurant in Union Square, have opened Peregrine. It’s an Italian spot in a Beacon Hill boutique hotel, and, as you’d from an Italian spot in a Beacon Hill boutique hotel, it looks to be much more upscale and pricey than their first place.

Sally’s Sandwiches

$$$$ 492 Tremont St

The people behind Banyan and The Gallows - a Korean place and a pub, respectively - opened this sandwich spot inside Blackbird Doughnuts in the South End.

The Porch Southern Fare And Juke Joint

$$$$ 175 Rivers edge Dr

We’re pretty sure that this new spot for barbecue and live music in Medford is the only juke joint in Boston, and we’re definitely sure it’s the first time we’ve seen the term “juke joint” since reading The Color Purple.

Black Jack Pasta Kitchen

$$$$ 1401 Washington Street

Black Jack Pasta Bar was a pasta place in the Fenway that closed last year. This new spot in the South End is a grab-and-go pasta place, which is interesting.



Ilona in the South End is the third restaurant opened up by the team behind Kava Neo-Taverna and Puro Ceviche Bar - two places we really like. It’s Georgian, but Stalin-Georgian, not OutKast-Georgian.

BearMoose Brewing Company

$$$$ 1934 Revere Beach Pkwy

Cool - we literally just finished our Boston Brewery Rankings, and now we already have to update it. Thanks a lot, BearMoose Brewing, a new brewery and taproom that just opened up with an in-house deli in Everett.

all the time out market places

Saltie Girl

Saltie Girl Fenway

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The Back Bay raw bar is selling a small selection of its favorites, including lobster rolls (both hot and cold) and clam chowder.

Drew Katz

Craigie Burger

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

To get the famous burger at Craigie on Main in Central Square, you usually have to leave work early, wait in line before the bar opens at 5, rush inside, and be one of the first 15 people to order it. Now you only have to fight through big crowds of BU students and doctors from Beth Israel.

Tasting Counter

$$$$ 401 Park Dr

One of the city’s fanciest and most expensive tasting menu places now has a place where you can wait in line for $22 king crab risotto.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The original Mameleh’s in Kendall Square is one of Boston’s best delis. This is now the third place you can get the shakshuka, along with its stand at the Public Market.

Jaclyn Rivas

The team behind O Ya and Hojoko are serving up chicken and dumplings.

Jaclyn Rivas

Gogo Ya

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The team behind O Ya and Hojoko are also serving up crispy nori tacos and bento boxes.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

The real Bisq is an excellent wine bar in Inman Square. This mini-Bisq is serving charcuterie and sandwiches.

Gelato & Chill

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

They serve up gelato and wordplay.

Union Square Donuts

$$$$ 401 Park Drive

If you haven’t already had one of these brioche donuts (either at the original spot in Union or the stand in the Public Market) now’s your chance.

Revolution Health Kitchen

$$$$ 401 Park Dr

Juices, smoothies, acai bowls, and other things your spin instructor loves.

Michael Schlow used to run, like, 16 really hyped restaurants in Boston. Then he left and closed them all for some reason, and now he’s back with an Italian stand here.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

Oh, apparently Michael Schlow is also back with a pizza stand here.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

Anoush’ella is a popular spot in the South End for fast casual Medeterranean food. Come here for mezze, overnight braised beef, and za’atar chicken.


$$$$ 401 Park Drive

There are two bars at the Time Out Market. They’re both called Bar.

All the Casino Spots


$$$$ 1 Broadway

We hear it has a view of the table games instead of the water, but the more interesting thing about this seafood spot is that it’s led by the original chef from Neptune Oyster, one of Boston’s best restaurants.

Oyster Bar

$$$$ 1 Broadway

It’s a place that sells oysters, in a casino, and it’s also from the old Neptune chef.

It’s a place that sells burgers, in a casino.


$$$$ 1 Broadway

The people behind three of our most cliched Italian places in the North End (Bricco, Mare, and Strega) have combined forces to build a (probably) cliched Italian place in a casino.

Rare Steakhouse

$$$$ 1 Broadway

They claim to serve the only “certified authentic Kobe beef in New England.” We’ll fact-check that with the governor of the Hyogo Prefecture and get back to you.



It’s an Italian place, and it’s probably where all the guys who had Swingers posters on their walls in college are going to eat.

Red 8

$$$$ 1 Broadway

It’s a Chinese restaurant franchise of a chain that also has locations in Macau, which is in China, and Las Vegas, which is not.



Izakayas are cool, and this one apparently has views of the skyline instead of a busload of senior citizens being hypnotized by slot machines.

Garden Cafe

$$$$ 1 Broadway

It’s a farm-to-table place and, maybe it’s in a garden in a casino?

The Buffet

$$$$ 1 Broadway

It’s a buffet, in a casino.


Ban Toi

$$$$ 1035 Dorchester Ave

Ban Toi is Dorchester’s (or, to be more precise, Savin HIll’s) newest Vietnamese spot. It has pho, but it also looks to have more interesting things like jackfruit salad and conch.

T&B Pizza

$$$$ 251 Washington

Union Square has a new pizza place that promises to serve two different kinds of wood-fired pizzas. It remains to be seen whether that means two different kinds of crusts or, like, they invented a new kind of fire.

Jonquil's Cafe & Bakery

$$$$ 125 Newbury St

Newbury Street has a new bakery and coffee shop, and it serves laser-printed pastries that look like what Picasso would try to do with a meringue.

Paris Creperie

Paris Creperie

$$$$ 60 Seaport Blvd

The second location of a Brookline crepe place opened in the Seaport. Unlike the Coolidge Corner location, this one serves alcohol.

Pepita Coffee

$$$$ 284 Broadway

Pepita is the new coffee shop inside Lamplighter Brewing (replacing Longfellow’s). They serve tacos all day.

9zaab Thai Street Food

$$$$ 569 Cambridge St

Every neighborhood has a favorite Thai place, but few of them have Thai street noodle places, too. East Cambridge just got one with 9Zaab.

Ciao Bella

$$$$ North square

North Square Oyster was one of our favorite spots in the North End, in large part because it wasn’t an Italian restaurant. So we were kind of bummed when they shut down and reopened as...an Italian restaurant. There’s still a tiny space off to the side of the restaurant that’s still called North Square Oyster, but it’s now primarily a spot for spaghetti carbonara and veal Milanese.

Avenue Kitchen + Bar

$$$$ 158 Boston Ave

Ball Square now has a gastropub serving Detroit-style pizza, which appears to be another name for Sicilian style pizza. We’ll find out.




$$$$ 1 Dalton St

Zuma, a global sushi chain with locations in London, New York, Hong Kong, Dubai, and Rome, among other cities, just opened up in that brand new skyscraper in Back Bay. Take another look at that list of cities - this place is probably going to be expensive.

Recino's Cafe

$$$$ 85 Broadway

A new counter-service El Salvadorean place opened in East Somerville, and it serves three meals a day including a bunch of pastries and cakes.

Six Po Hot Pot

$$$$ 1353 Beacon Street

If you like going to restaurants, but wish they were just slightly more physically dangerous, then you probably like doing hot pot. Now you have a new option to do so in Coolidge Corner.

Moon and Flower

$$$$ 110 Brighton Ave

Allston now has a fast-casual spot for ramen burgers. Those are two fun things we’re always happy to see together.

Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice

JapaneseThaiSushi  in  Jamaica Plain
$$$$ 697 Centre Street

The second location of a place in Charlestown just opened up on Centre Street in JP. It’s got both Thai food and sushi under the same roof, so there’s no need to feel shame if you order take-out from here twice a week.

Winnisimmet Lounge

$$$$ 73 Winnisimmet street

If you think the Chelsea waterfront is nothing but oil tanks, warehouses, and ooze of mysterious origin that you really don’t want to touch, well, you’re mostly right. But now it’s all of those things in addition to being the location of a new Italian restaurant and cocktail lounge with views of the refineries on the Chelsea River.

The Joint

$$$$ 605 Centre St

There’s nothing wrong with a new burger place, especially ones that top burgers with grilled pineapples, onion rings, and blood orange aioli. The Joint is a tiny burger spot that just opened up on Centre Street in JP and, even though it apparently doesn’t yet have a bathroom, it does have beer, wine, and a ceiling made of corrugated aluminium.

Eddie V's Prime Seafood

$$$$ 122 Belvidere St

Other than Legal’s, which probably has a franchise in your living room by now, we don’t have a ton of seafood chains around here, but another one has just landed. Eddie V’s, a chain of seafood restaurants with a lot of locations in Texas and California, just opened in a giant space at the Prudential Center.

Migaku Noodle House

$$$$ 238 Washington Street

You probably don’t eat a ton of ramen in the summer, but just in case you get the urge, you now have a new place to do so at Migaku in Brookline Village.


$$$$ 1443 Tremont Street

Mission Hill has a new restaurant and it’s a Mexican-Pakistani place. It’s possible that there are already one or two of those around Boston, but it’s not like we have a whole neighborhood called Little Guadalahore or anything, so this definitely seems worth checking out.

Curio Wine Bar

$$$$ 441 Cambridge Street

If you love both coffee and wine, but hate having to move when you want to switch from the former to the latter, you’ve got a new favorite place in Lechmere. Curio Coffee will now become Curio Wine Bar at night, with natural wines and light bites.



$$$$ 181 Cambridge Street

Normally we wouldn’t get too excited about yet another poke place opening up, especially one that’s in a Whole Foods. But this one in the Charles River Plaza was just opened by the chef behind the Fox & The Knife, an Italian place currently on our Hit List, so we’ll definitely check it out.


Taiyaki NYC - Boston

$$$$ 119 Seaport Blvd Ste B

Yes, this ice cream place that serves fish-shaped cones and red bean ice cream probably should have slightly changed its name when it opened a location in the Seaport.

La Pescheria

$$$$ 800 Boylston Street

While we don’t love corporate malls, we do love Italian Seafood. Luckily, La Pescheria just opened up in Eataly, so the Prudential Center is now slightly more bearable.

The Groove

The Groove

Japanese  in  Fenway
$$$$ 1271 Boylston St

There’s a new ’70s-style cocktail lounge in the Fenway. It’s actually located inside of Hojoko, but has an entirely different (though still Japanese) menu with things like tortilla chips topped with torched hamachi and Hello Kitty Caviar service - whatever that means.

Red White is a new place to get fast-casual bowls on Newbury Street. If you think we’ve been getting a lot of those lately, you’re right, but this one’s a little different with its meatless, Japanese menu.

Pho #1

$$$$ 1799 Commonwealth Ave

We’ll never complain about more Vietnamese noodle and pho places opening up. This one’s on Comm Ave in Brighton.

The Quiet Few

The Quiet Few

$$$$ 331 Sumner St

East Boston has a new neighborhood tavern brought to you by the same people behind The Gallows in the South End. Like The Gallows, it has a menu of burgers and whiskey, but the real reason we want to go there is the shuffleboard table.


$$$$ 285 Hanover St

There’s a new restaurant in the North End and, you’re not going to believe this, but it’s Italian. This one promises to focus on lesser-known pasta shapes. Shapes are fun.

Jack's Abbey

Track Zero Taproom

$$$$ 135 Causeway St

Jack’s Abbey Brewery opened a tiny bar inside North Station. If you’re commuting to the North Shore, this might become a regular stop on your way home.



Indian  in  Downtown
$$$$ 102 Water Street

A self-proclaimed “crazy Indian” restaurant opened downtown, claiming to make the only samosa burger in the country. It’s safe to say we will be trying that.

Masala Square Indian Kitchen

$$$$ 23 Union Sq

Union Square has a new place for North Indian food, and it promises to source its vegetables from the Union Square farmer’s market this summer.

Gustazo Cuban Kitchen & Bar

$$$$ 2067 Massachusetts Ave

We don’t know much about this Cuban place that started in Waltham and just opened up a second location in Porter Square. But we do know that the drinks are made by the people from Backbar in Somerville - one of the best cocktail bars around - so we’ll be checking it out ASAP.

Map Room Tea Lounge

$$$$ 700 Boylston Street

If you haven’t been to a library since you took your last final exam and then broke all your pencils in celebration, now you have a new reason to go to one. A cocktail bar and tea lounge just opened up in the main branch of the BPL in Copley Square.


$$$$ 140 Brookline Avenue

You can get a lot of things to eat in the Fenway, but until this place opened up, vegan ice cream wasn’t really been one of them.

Night Shift

The Night Shift brewery in industrial Everett has always been a great place. Unfortunately, there’s that whole “industrial Everett” part about it that makes it pretty hard to get to without some serious navigational chops and a hazmat suit. But now they’ve opened up a location right near the Garden, and it promises to have an actual food menu, too.

Popover King

$$$$ 76 Canal St

It’s a little bakery and cafe in the West End that makes popovers and “New England baked goods,” which must be, like, cakes with Gronk’s face on it or something.

Bar Mercato

Bar Mercato

$$$$ 54 Devonshire Street

This new spot downtown calls itself a European-style food hall, but it looks like a regular old restaurant. Maybe it smokes a lot and has government subsidized healthcare or something?

Blackbird Doughnuts

$$$$ 100 Holton St

There’s a new Blackbird in Brighton, and it’s apparently a giant space where they’re going to make most of the doughnuts for their other locations. In other words, Brighton is making a push to be Boston’s best smelling neighborhood.



Seeing a food truck turn into a real restaurant is emotional, like watching your first child graduate from kindergarten. Try to keep yourself together with the opening of this new Mediterranean spot that used to be a food truck in the fenway

A&B Burger

A&B Burger

$$$$ 115 Beverly St

The second location of a burger spot people in Beverly really love just opened up on Causeway Street by the Garden. Let’s find out if people in Beverly know anything about burgers.

Playa Bowls

$$$$ 2199 Commonwealth Ave

When did we decide that the word “bowls” can be used to describe an entire genre of food? Seems like we should’ve had some kind of vote on that. Regardless, Boston just got it’s first location of a chain that’s been selling all sorts of colorful, bowls of healthy food up and down the East Coast. It’s in Brighton by BC.


$$$$ 275 Shawmut Ave

Chilicates, a casual taco and burrito spot that started in JP, is producing offspring faster than Mick Jagger. It opened three new spots in February alone: Chestnut Hill, Mission Hill, and the South End.

The Square Root

$$$$ 2 Corinth St

Rozzie Square has a new coffee shop called The Square Root. It has a small menu of pastries and sandwiches and, more importantly, beer and wine. More coffee shops should have beer and wine.

Futago Udon

Japanese  in  Fenway
$$$$ 508 Park Dr

Audubon Circle has a new casual option for big bowls of Japanese noodles. We’ll never say no to a big bowl of Japanese noodles.

American Provisions Dorchester

$$$$ 1971 Dorchester Ave

Who doesn’t love a fancy grocery store that also serves fancy food? American Provisions in Southie has long been a great spot for good sandwiches to go with their specialty foods and craft beer. Now Dorchester has a location, too.

1855 Bar a Vins

French  in  Back Bay
$$$$ 259 Newbury Street

This new wine bar on Newbury is dedicated exclusively to wines from France, and it has a small menu of bar bites, too.


$$$$ 237 Newbury Street

Serafina is a small, high-end Italian chain that likes to be in fancy neighborhoods: Midtown Manhattan, the Upper West Side, Downtown Boston, and, now, Newbury Street.

Isshindo Ramen

$$$$ 1 Brighton Ave

Super 88 in Allston is a magical place filled with specialty Asian groceries and food stalls. Isshido Ramen is the latest addition.

Pho Common

$$$$ 468 Commonwealth Avenue

Kenmore Square’s newest restaurant is a modern Vietnamese spot, and since there are still plenty of dreary days ahead before Spring comes, pho seems like a good idea.


$$$$ 1924 Massachusetts Ave

Two things the city can never have too much of: championship parades and places to enjoy a glass of wine and oysters. The team behind Frenchie in the South End probably doesn’t have enough height to make the NBA playoffs this spring, so they’re helping out in the other area by opening a new spot in Porter Square.

Fox & The Knife

$$$$ 28 W Broadway

You wouldn’t guess that a restaurant called the Fox & The Knife would be Italian, but that’s the case at this spot that just opened near the Broadway T stop in Southie. It’s apparently all homemade pasta, too.


Marlo Marketing

La Cucina

$$$$ 400 Assembly Row

The bizarre Truman Show-esque neighborhood of Assembly Row now has an Italian restaurant. This doesn’t have anything to do with the restaurant, but how come no one talks about The Truman Show anymore? Laura Linney was luminous and it still holds up.

Milk Bar and &pizza

$$$$ 1-3 Brattle Street

Milk Bar is one of the most popular bakeries in America, known for its cereal milk ice cream. &pizza is a pizza place that thinks it can get away with breaking whatever grammar rules it wants. They’re under the same roof now, and this place is responsible for the biggest line in Harvard Square since George W. Bush was partying there.

Tony And Elaine’s

$$$$ 111 N Washington St

There are a lot of kitschy North End restaurants with red-checked tablecloths and meatballs, but as far as we can tell, Tony & Elaine’s is the only one that also has a picture of a sports car on the wall.

5 Spices House (五味七品樓)

$$$$ 546 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge has a new option for Sichuan food now that this Chinatown spot opened a new location in Central Square.

Table Boston

$$$$ 445 Hanover St

If you just quit your job, packed your bags, and starting driving a UHaul to San Diego because you could no longer stand living in a city that doesn’t have a communal Italian restaurant run by a former sports broadcaster, then turn yourself right around right now, because Table by Jen Royale opened up on Hanover Street in the North End.

The Longfellow Bar

$$$$ 40 Brattle St

One of the things that makes Boston the smartest city in America is that we named one of our most prominent bridges after a lyric poet. We’re not sure what it says about us that we’re now also naming cocktail bars after that lyric poet’s significantly lesser-known architect nephew, but we’ll check out this spot in Harvard Square and try to figure it out.

Blake's Kitchen & Bar

$$$$ 276 Friend Street

Blake’s is a homey pub/tavern type place steps away from the Garden, and it has a “liquor bar.” That kinda just seems like a regular bar, but we don’t get paid to name these things.

This is the fourth US location of a big Chinese chain and it just opened up in Chinatown. One of the other three US locations is in Tom Brady’s hometown of San Mateo, California, so maybe they’re just expanding to everywhere he lives. If so, the next location will be in Roger Goodell’s head. (Zing!)


$$$$ 1 Shepard St

Located in between Harvard and Porter Squares, Luce is a small Italian restaurant that serves grilled head-on shrimp, so go there and get your shellfish on.

Elm Street Taproom

$$$$ 256 Elm St

This taproom in Davis Square has about 40 beers on tap and a mug club, along with a menu of bar food like kung pao duck drumette, nachos, and sandwiches.

Tradesman is currently just a coffee shop, but the liquor license is apparently coming, so it’ll eventually be a lounge too.

Reagan Byrne

No Relation

Sushi  in  South End
$$$$ 11 William E Mullins Way

No Relation is an omakase counter hidden inside of Shore Leave, a tiki bar in the South End, which itself is kind of hidden. Joke’s on them, we found it anyway.

The Westland

$$$$ 10 Westland Ave

We may finally be getting a decent restaurant near Symphony Hall. It’s too bad that this tavern/brasserie is opening just as the Pops’ Christmas season ends, leaving most of us without a reason to go there for the next 11 months.

Sushi Momento

$$$$ 399 Chestnut Hill Ave

There’s no such thing as too many sushi restaurants, especially ones that look like they provide high quality fish at a moderate price point, like this one in Cleveland Circle.

Xi'an Rougamo

$$$$ 417 Washington Street

Xi’an Rougamo is a counter-serve noodle spot in the Corner Mall food court in Downtown Crossing that has a very spicy menu.


$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

Yet another tiny little Bow Market spot we’re really excited about, Tanam serves Filipino food.



$$$$ 781 Main St

This new spot in Central Square serves Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese food under the same roof.


$$$$ 33 North Square

Forcella is a new upscale Italian restaurant in the North End that serves lots of pasta, meat dishes, and lobster bisque.

Shine Square Pub

$$$$ 2046 Massachusetts Ave

This spot near Porter square has 24 different kinds of chicken wings. Without having even tried any, we’re here to let you know that the Buffalo wings are obviously the best.

In Season Food Shop

$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

In Season Food Shop is a grocery store in Bow Market, but also maybe a restaurant? That’s what they claim anyway, and they also claim to serve bowls, salads, and soups made from New England ingredients for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Shaking Crab

$$$$ 250 Harvard St

It seems that a lot of people really like eating seafood that comes in bags, because this place just opened its third Boston location. This one is in Coolidge Corner.

Shaking Seafood

$$$$ 19 Poplar Street

And don’t worry, Roslindale, you get your own seafood-in-a-bag spot, too. Shaking Seafood just opened up right in Rozzie Square.

Union Tavern

$$$$ 345 Somerville Ave

PA’s Lounge was a grimy, cash-only spot in Union Square with bad service and mostly crappy live music, and we loved it. Union Tavern has taken over the space and apparently cleaned it up. We’ll see.

Tender Greens

$$$$ 100 Huntington Ave Suite K006A

This fast-casual transplant from California is covered in murals and located in Copley Place. It kind of looks like Dig Inn’s rich cousin who summers on the Vineyard.

Aceituna Grill

$$$$ 100 Federal St

You’re not paranoid: fast-casual Mediterranean places really are slowly taking over the world. Location number three of this rice bowl spot is now open in the Financial District.

Saus at Bow Market

$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

A Downtown spot known for its meaty sandwiches and poutine just opened a sister location in Bow Market in Somerville, and it’s vegetable-focused.

Urban Axes

$$$$ 2 Union Square

You’ve seen stories about it on every local news channel and it’s finally here: a place to drink and throw axes at the same time. Merry Christmas, personal injury lawyers of Somerville.

Caffe Aromi

$$$$ 403A Centre Street

Caffe Aromi is a new coffee shop with pastries and sandwiches in the Hyde Square section of JP. We haven’t been yet, but since it’s a coffee shop in JP, it’s probably already packed.


Country Mile

$$$$ 136 Belmont St

Country Mile is a tiny spot in Watertown that serves natural wine, changes it’s menu frequently, and uses the word “farm” a lot.

Brian Samuels

Shore Leave

$$$$ 11 William E Mullins Way

We’ve already been (check out the South End guide) and it’s great. Come for the fruity drinks, southeast Asian bar food, and atmosphere that gives you just enough tiki without looking like a theme park.


$$$$ 150 State St

Kamakura is a multi-level Japanese restaurant near Faneuil Hall that offers an afternoon matcha tea time on one of those levels.

Union Park Pizza

$$$$ 1405 Washington St

The South End has a new slice joint. Slice joints in general are always welcome, but it looks like this place is kicking this up a notch with local farm-grown ingredients.

Love Art Udon

$$$$ 1024 Commonwealth Ave

Love Art udon is a quick-serve Allston noodle shop that makes a bowl of clam chowder udon, so that’s something.

bartaco Seaport

$$$$ 25 Thomson Pl

This is a bar that serves tacos (so it appears to be appropriately named), and it’s in the Seaport.


$$$$ 983 Massachusetts Ave

A new spot on the edge of Harvard Square that describes its food as “the best sushi in town.” That’s a big statement considering how close it is to Cafe Sushi, but we’ll give it a chance.

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