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Boston’s New Restaurant Openings

The new restaurant openings you should know about.

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112 Spots
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Updated January 7th, 2021

If you tried to keep track of every brand new restaurant in Boston, you might go a little bit crazy. So just read this list instead. These are the new restaurant openings that seem like they have the most potential - although keep in mind, for the ones we haven’t tried, we make no promises. Go forth and be a pioneer.


Eryn Lucas


$$$$ 1 6th Street

The team behind Brewer’s Fork (which makes some of the best pizza in Boston) has opened another spot in Charlestown. Dovetail is a daytime sandwich place that doubles as a full-service restaurant in the evening. Porchetta for lunch and pear agnolotti for dinner? Sign us up. Due to the pandemic, the dining room is currently closed, but the sandwich and provisions shop is still open for takeout and delivery.

Fiya Chicken

$$$$ 1024 Commonwealth Ave

Fiya Chicken is now supplying BU students and the surrounding Allston/Brighton community with Korean fried chicken, corn dogs, and bibimbap. We hear that the Cantabridigians over at MIT and Harvard are regretting their choice of schools.

Hot Chix Halal

$$$$ 49 High St

It turns out the chicken at this Medford spot is “hot” because it gets cooked in a clay oven. Equally as confusing is the fact that there’s far more than just chicken on the menu - you can find everything from lobster curry to beef vindaloo to… cheeseburgers? Maybe variety is also spicing up that bird.

Saltie Girl Seafood Pizza

Saltie Girl Seafood Pizza

$$$$ 281 Dartmouth St

Strictly speaking, Saltie Girl Seafood Pizza is a new concept rather than a new opening, but since it has the Saltie Girl label attached to it, it probably deserves a mention. They’re serving up pies with things like octopus with fennel sausage and Jonah crab with pistachio pesto. If you’re in a celebratory mood, there’s even a “Caviar & Pizza” party pack, which comes with four pizzas, champagne, and your desired weight of caviar.

Cookie Box Group

La Saison Bakery

$$$$ 407 Concord Ave

La Saison was opened by an Iranian baker who previously ran four retail spots in Tehran before migrating to Massachusetts and working at Flour for two years. We’re looking forward to a whole host of interesting sourdough loaves like yogurt and fig-walnut, as well as pastries like the feta-za’atar scone.

Zack Bowen

XO Burger & Wings

$$$$ 1321 Boylston St

Just like Saltie Girl, the team at Eventide have also pivoted and created a new dining concept. They’ve got a number of different options available for takeout and delivery, including an intriguing horseradish burger and some duck sauce wings.

Eat at Jumbo's

$$$$ 688 Broadway St

Eat at Jumbo’s first opened in 2009 before transforming into a vegan spot in 2018. And now it’s back with the original burgers, wings, and pizza-centric menu. The back-and-forth shift sounded pretty radical to us, at least until we looked back on our diets from December 31st, January 1st, and January 2nd.

Zuru Zuru

Zuru Zuru

$$$$ 74 Pleasant St

Zuru Zuru is now serving a variety of small plates, ramen, and donburi in Malden. Apparently “zuru zuru” is Japanese for the sound made when slurping ramen noodles. Sorry, neighbors, you might be hearing a lot of that soon.

La Patrona Mexican Grill

La Patrona Mexican Grill

$$$$ 360 Centre St

This new Mexican spot in JP has all the usual tacos, burritos, and quesadillas, but there’s also one surprising item on the menu - birria ramen. It comes complete with a runny egg, and it’s certainly something that we’re going to try this winter.

Peruvian Taste

$$$$ 78 Arlington Ave

Charlestown now has its first Peruvian restaurant, located in the former Charlestown Cafe space. As an homage to the old cafe, they’re serving American breakfasts as well as a variety of Peruvian dishes. It’s also one of the only places we know of serving Peruvian-Chinese food.

Zuzu Momo

$$$$ 291 Main St

Zuzu Momo in Everett says that it’s trying to mix “Nepali culture with a quintessential Boston vibe.” We’re not really sure what that means, but we’d be happy with momos and tandoori masala wings in any context that doesn’t involve painfully exaggerated Bostonian accents.

Thai Saap

Thai Saap

$$$$ 3 Brook St

A number of restaurants opened in Quincy in 2020, and Thai Saap has now joined that growing list. It’s owned by a family that supposedly runs a number of restaurants just outside of Bangkok, so a visit here may be the closest thing we’ll get to traveling for a while.


Joel Ang

Third Cliff Bakery

$$$$ 3531 Washington St

Third Cliff Bakery has been selling baked goods and coffee at a variety of farmers markets for years, and now they have their first brick-and-mortar location in Jamaica Plain. Well-known items like the coconut cold brew and kimchi cheddar croissants can still be found on the menu, but be warned - those croissants sell out faster than we can say ___.

Friendship BBQ

Friendship BBQ Allston

$$$$ 103 Brighton Ave

Friendship BBQ - a Chinese restaurant known for its skewered meats - already has one location in Chinatown. Now, there’s a second in Allston, and if they continue to expand, we may have to start investing in bamboo skewer companies.

Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh

$$$$ 134 Boylston St

There’s a new Downtown location of the fast-casual Mediterranean restaurant Garbanzo, across the street from Boston Common. They’ve also got a loyalty program named “The Very Important Bean,” which doesn’t sound so aquafabulous to us.

The Novel Kitchen

$$$$ 283 Harvard St

The Novel Kitchen is located inside Brookline Booksmith, a local bookstore in - surprise - Brookline. It’s the type of cafe you wish you could find in every bookstore - the kind that sells cheese, mezze, chocolate truffle flights, and beer and wine. Those menu items are all part of what The Novel Kitchen is defining as “edible self-care,” also known as our job description.

Rutchada Thai

Rutchada Thai Cuisine

$$$$ 153 Belgrade Ave

Rutchada is a new spot in Roslindale with a wide variety of Thai curries, noodles, and fried rice. There’s also a gluten-free section of the menu, just in case you need it.

Wachusett Brewing Co.

Wachusett Brew Yard

$$$$ 33 Dunster St

Harvard Square now has its first brewery in the form of Wachusett Brew Yard. Only time will tell if it outlives Harvard Yard, or if it’ll be the setting for the next Zuckerberg movie - The Congressional Network.



$$$$ 27 Church St

Harvard Square also has a new pizza spot. It’s not the first pizza place on campus, but it’s the only one serving a bolognese pie that’s made with Mangalitsa pork. A variety of salads, pastas, and entrees like seared monkfish are also available.

New York Shawarma Guys

$$$$ 83 Canal St

Geography might not be a strong suit, but the Shawarma Guys are seemingly adept at cooking up grilled meats, falafel, and baklava at this new spot in the West End.

Brian Samuels


$$$$ 47 Boylston St

After a pandemic-induced delay, the team from O Ya has now opened Bianca in Chestnut Hill. Expect pizza and pasta, but also sushi rolls and crispy nori tacos. We personally think a slice of pizza rolled up in seaweed would be pretty good too, but they’re no longer accepting new ideas for their menu.

The Lexington

The Lexington

$$$$ 100 N First St

The Lexington is the second of three new restaurants in East Cambridge from the team behind Puritan & Co. This opening comes right on the heels of Cafe Beatrice, which just welcomed diners in October. The Lexington is open for dinner on Tues-Sun from 4-8pm, serving things like baked stuffed clams, miso-grilled shrimp, and glazed Swedish meatballs.

B&B Fish

B&B Fish

$$$$ 195 Pleasant St

B&B Fish in Marblehead promotes itself as a seafood restaurant, and sure, there are the expected fried platters, lobster rolls, and clam chowder. But there are also honey glazed biscuits, Nashville hot fried chicken, and fried Oreos on the menu. The Topsfield Fair may have been cancelled this year, but it seems that we have a worthy year-round substitute now.

Brian Samuels

Blackbird Doughnuts

$$$$ 175 Cambridge St #120

In an attempt to compete against mega-corporations, Blackbird has opened up a new shop right outside Whole Foods in the West End. After all, smoked salt double chocolate donuts are probably the best (and most civil) way to stick it to Amazon.

Mexcito Street Tacos

$$$$ 350 Kendall Street

Kendall Square has a wealth of dining options to choose from, and now there have been some tacos thrown into the mix as well. Mexcito has a number of tacos, like barbacoa and carnitas, to choose from, as well as some rice bowls and nachos. They’ve also got a small outdoor patio to dine on if you need some fresh air.


$$$$ 107 South St

It’s 2020, so the newest speakeasy concept is serving cocktails in a space where people in suits used to drink cocktails... in 2019. Offsuit is located in Troquet On South’s corporate dining space, and they’re even going as far as making their own ice (you can make perfect ice at home too). Next up: a speakeasy that requires unkempt hair for entry.

The Smoke Shop BBQ

The Smoke Shop BBQ

$$$$ 8 Holyoke St

In some ways, we feel bad for all the Harvard alumni. Generations of bright minds worked so hard for a world-changing degree, and they didn’t even have The Smoke Shop’s cornbread to fuel their midnight paper writing. Count yourselves lucky, young Crimsons, for this new Harvard Square blessing.

Taco Bell Cantina

$$$$ 872 Commonwealth Ave

We have no idea if the Taco Bell hot sauce works well as a shooter for the Cantina’s boozy slushies, but we’re willing to give it a try. It’s safe to say we’re open to all forms of entertainment right now.

Zhu Vegan Kitchen

$$$$ 220 Washington St

Zhu Vegan, which already has another branch in Arlington, has now opened a location in Brookline. The menu is exactly the same, with things like black pepper seitan, Malaysian curry stew, and kung pao eggplant. Lunch specials are available during the week as well.



$$$$ 241 Washington St

It’s crazy to think that version 1.0 of Spyce, the robot-staffed restaurant, received $21 million dollars in funding, especially since Sifo-Dyas probably spent a lot less on his clone army. Now Spyce is back with an updated interior that’s significantly more modern, though they’re still serving vegetable-heavy bowls.


$$$$ 251 Washington St

The team from Bronwyn seems to be taking over Union Square. They opened T&B Pizza last year, and now they’re churning out Montreal-style bagels and croissants at Turenne. At the very least, it’s a seemingly tasty takeover.



$$$$ 2269 Dorchester Ave

The executive chef behind Lower Mills Tavern and Yellow Door Taqueria must love a new challenge, because she’s also now running Stalk, a “ghost restaurant” that also happens to be fully vegan. Currently the menu includes things like fennel citrus salad and squash risotto, but we expect to see seasonally appropriate changes as well. All orders can be picked up at Lower Mills Tavern.


Brian Samuels


$$$$ 126 State St

These days, the financial district is a lot quieter than usual, but Servia is looking to change that with a menu filled with a wide range of Eastern Mediterranean dishes. It’s also open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, so it’ll be a welcome sight for those looking for a break from chain salads.

Orale Paco's Mexican Grill

$$$$ 847 Cambridge St

There’s a new Mexican spot in Inman Square (it’s right next door to Atwood’s), and early reviewers are raving about pretty much everything on their menu. We’ll have to see for ourselves - not because we don’t trust strangers giving us their opinions, but rather because we just need some burritos and tortas right now.


Hen Chicken Rice

$$$$ 24 Union Sq

Chicken rice is a dietary staple in Southeast Asia, and now it can play the same role for you in Boston. Hen in Union Square is serving multiple varieties of chicken rice, which are illustrated on their menu with pixel art. Since we’re all stuck inside playing Minecraft anyway, that makes a lot of sense.

Villa Bakery Cafe

Villa Bakery Cafe

$$$$ 355 Washington St

Brighton now has a new Brazillian cafe with smoothies, sandwiches, and açaí bowls. Sure, we enjoy açaí bowls from time to time, but we enjoy chocolate cakes with coconut cream filling and chocolate sprinkles more, and Villa Bakery sells those too.

Cha Feo

$$$$ 248 Newbury St

The Back Bay has a new bubble tea spot, which by our count makes four places to grab boba while window shopping (do people still window shop?). Cha Feo specializes in cheezo tea, and they also have a small selection of desserts and pastries available.

Brian Samuels

Caffé Ducali

$$$$ 289 Causeway St

Caffé Ducali is a new North End espresso bar run by the same team as Ducali - in fact, it’s located right at the entrance to the Roman-style pizzeria. There will be breakfast sandwiches, pastries, salads, and even Ducali wood-fired pies available to-go, along with your Monday morning Red Eye order.

Moon And Flower House

$$$$ 22 Kneeland St

Moon & Flower House already has two locations in NYC and one in Allston, and now they’ve opened up another store in Chinatown. The menu has a lot of fried things on it - popcorn chicken, fish sandwiches, and squid rings are just a few examples.

Brian Samuels


$$$$ 600 Harrison Ave

Atlántico is a new South End tapas spot from the team behind Select Oyster Bar and Grand Tour. The Spanish and Portugese-inspired menu is seafood-focused, with a number of options served a la plancha. There’s also a separate Sunday brunch menu, with things like linguiça hash.

Cajun Crab Shack

$$$$ 950 American Legion Hwy

If we had a dollar for every Cajun-style seafood shack that has opened in the last year, well, we’d have enough for a whole lobster boil with garlic butter. Actually, no we wouldn’t - guess we’ll have to ask for a budget increase again before visiting this Roslindale spot.

Taqueria El Barrio

Taqueria El Barrio

$$$$ 401 Park Dr

The team behind this taqueria (they also run Bisq) may have shuttered the BU location, but they’ve reopened in Time Out Market. That’s great because we’ve always wanted a place where we can pair our tacos with some lobster rolls and donuts anyway.

Artifact Cider

Artifact Cider Project

$$$$ 438 Massachusetts Avenue

Could there be a more perfect season to open a cider taproom? Artifact, a western Mass cidery, now has a second location in Central Square. There are a number of cider styles on tap, and some toasts and other small plates available. No word yet on whether fake leaves and apple cider donuts will make an appearance.

Tina Picz

Flour Bakery + Cafe

$$$$ 209 Cambridge St

Flour has opened another location in Beacon Hill, which means yet another life opportunity to grab a sticky bun with toasted pecans. We’re not mad about it.


OneZo / ZZDessert

$$$$ 83 Harrison Ave

This dessert and bubble tea spot, which makes all of their own boba in house, has opened not one but two new locations in Chinatown and Allston. They’ve also got one in Quincy - pretty soon, they’ll start competing with Flour.

Number One Taste

$$$$ 39 Galen St

Rounding out the expansion list is Number One Taste, a Chinese restaurant with three other locations in Belmont, East Arlington, and Melrose. Their new branch is in Watertown Square.

Cafe Beatrice

Cafe Beatrice

$$$$ 100 N First St

Café Beatrice is the first of three “restaurant concepts” set to open at the new Lexington space in East Cambridge. It’s an all-day cafe run by the same team as Puritan & Co., so you already know to expect some interesting flavor combinations. Their opening menu, for instance, has a roasted pumpkin grilled cheese and miso broccoli melt.

TKK Fried Chicken

$$$$ 17 Brighton Ave

The ever-revolving door at the Super 88 food court has welcome another vendor - this time, it’s a Taiwanese fried chicken spot with wings, tenders, and fried chicken sandwiches. We wish opening our front doors would give us something half as good.


Brian Samuels

The Dial at 907 Main

$$$$ 907 Main St

The Dial and the hotel that houses it - 907 Main - both opened during a global pandemic, which is not something we get to say very often. “Kitfo, paella, and bucatini for the table” is similarly rare, but we’re hoping to speak those words soon on The Dial’s heated patio.

FAB Gastropub

$$$$ 118 Beacon St

FAB Gastropub took over the former Bergamont space in Somerville and is now running a brewery, restaurant, and art gallery all at once. We’ve never had roasted pork shoulder while assessing a contemporary sculpture of bacon before, but we’re willing to give it a go.

Greystone Cafe

Greystone Cafe

$$$$ 123 Appleton St

Greystone is a new cafe in the South End that serves a whole range of homemade pastries, like apple cake and spinach and feta galette. For now, the cafe is running only as a takeout window, but will eventually become a sit-down lunch and dinner spot as well.

Holly Rike

The Back Bay’s roast beef and lobster roll takeout window now has an additional spot inside of Time Out Market in Fenway.



$$$$ 194 Shirley Ave

The family behind Esquite in Revere sold steamed corn around Boston prior to opening a restaurant. That same corn still features heavily on the menu, but there are also other things like cochinita tortas, enchiladas de mole, and bolitas de queso. Looks like we have some “work” to do.

Istanbul Diner

Istanbul Diner Cafe

$$$$ 120 Veterans Of Foreign Wars Pkwy

There are plenty of grilled meats and pide at Istanbul Diner Cafe, a new Turkish spot in Revere. Once the COVID pandemic has passed, a buffet-style breakfast and brunch will be available as well - now we have one more thing to look forward to on that glorious day.


$$$$ 304 Washington St.

We’re automatically fans of any place that sells arepas, and since Peka goes as far as putting the word “arepas” on its logo, we’re audibly cheering within the confines of our house. With arepas by our side, of course.

Earnest Drinks

$$$$ 399 Binney St

Gracie’s in Union Square is already well-known for their salted whisky ice cream, so it comes as no surprise that their new Kendall Square spot serves boozy milkshakes. Still, alcohol and frozen cream always excite us, especially with a pimento cheese dog on the side.


Zaaki Restaurant

$$$$ 1147 Commonwealth Avenue

Zaaki, formerly a popular Egyptian food truck known for its koshari, is now a brick and mortar restaurant in Allston. The koshari is still on the menu (there are five types available), as well as a few salads and basboosa for dessert.

Thistle & Leek

$$$$ 105 Union St

If “thistle and leek” sounds like something straight out of Alice in Wonderland, that’s probably intentional. This new spot in Newton is modeled after British gastropubs, albeit the more modern kind that serves a bunch of small plates. We don’t want to stereotype, but the March Hare would probably enjoy the griddled carrots with dates.


Allison Sepanek


$$$$ 318 Harvard St

BYOB is a true rarity in Boston, let alone at a spot that serves up multi-course Italian-inspired meals. Cobble also sells mixers, if you decide to bring some liquor along. If you’re worried that the BYOB is the main appeal, you should also know that the chef here worked for over 10 years at La Morra, one of our favorite restaurants in town. Needless to say, our expectations are high.

Lord Hobo Brewing Seaport

$$$$ 2 Drydock Ave

The self-proclaimed beer monarch is significantly expanding the kingdom’s territory. Lord Hobo has opened a massive brewery and restaurant space in Seaport, though seating will be limited to outdoor-only for now.

Mr. Roni Cups

Mr. Roni Cups

$$$$ 47 Boylston St

When the team behind O Ya and Hojoko opens a pizza spot, everyone should probably pay attention. Mr. Roni Cups makes Roman-style pizza, and there are sashimi and nori tacos too.

Brian Samuels


$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

Perillas was one of the first pop-ups at Union Square’s Bow Market, and now they’re back on a more permanent basis. This bibimbap spot is open for both lunch and dinner, and they’re also selling meal kits to-go.

Pearl & Lime

$$$$ 1440 Hancock St

There’s a lot of change happening in Quincy, and Pearl & Lime - a Latin-inspired spot - is part of that change. They’ve got nachos, tacos, and empanadas on the menu, as well as a daily selection from the raw bar. Naturally, there are margaritas involved as well, which just goes to show that not all change is bad.

Phinista Cafe

$$$$ 96 Peterborough Road

Phinista Cafe, a Vietnamese cafe, has taken over the Neighborhoods Coffee & Crepes location in Fenway. Look for some Vietmanese coffee with condensed milk, as well as a variety of sweet and savory crepes.

Stella Express

$$$$ 150 W Broadway St

Stella in the South End, an Italian staple for 15 years, shut down as a result of the pandemic. But now they’ve started a food truck business, with a full coffee bar and restaurant favorites like the bolognese on sale from 7am-8pm daily. Yes, that means you can have bolognese for breakfast. For now, it’s cash only.

The Daily Catch

Daily Catch Waterfront

$$$$ 65 Altantic Avenue

The people can’t get enough squid ink aglio olio and lobster fra diavolo, it seems. The ever-popular Daily Catch now has a new downtown waterfront location, so now you can enjoy your seafood and look out over your seafood’s previous habitat at the same time.


$$$$ 4257 Washington St

Chilacates, the Mexican restaurant with multiple outposts across the Boston area, has now expanded to Roslindale. There are already two JP locations, but you can’t really complain about having more places to buy tortas and enchiladas.

Kantipur Cafe

$$$$ 119 Hampshire St

Kantipur Cafe is located right between Inman and Central Square, serving a variety of Nepali and North Indian food. For some reason, their website features a Jamie Oliver restaurant and some tacos - perhaps “The Naked Chef” is running a taqueria pop-up here at some point.

Ivory Pearl Bar

$$$$ 1704 Beacon St

The Baldwin Bar team must be selling a lot of drinks these days. After opening Blossom Bar last year, they’ve now launched Ivory Pearl - a seafood-focused spot complete with a full raw bar. There’s also a brand new cocktail menu that seeks to break the perception that cocktails don’t pair well with seafood. Sure, we’ll enjoy some cocktails while we dismantle our preconceived notions.

Brian Samuels

Elm Street Sweets

$$$$ 381 Summer St

There’s a new bakery in town, sort-of. The team behind Rosebud Kitchen has launched an online-only bakery with pies, cookies, and cakes. A number of these are from Rosebud’s well-known dessert menu, but this expansion is with a national delivery plan in mind.


$$$$ 545 Boylston St

We’re not really sure how many burger chains Boston can sustain, but it seems we’ll find out soon enough. Colorado-based Smashburger is now open in Back Bay, right across the street from H&M and Boston Sports Clubs. So you can grab a burger, go shopping for clothes, and then hit the gym - all within the same block. It’s truly an American dream.



$$$$ 650 E Kendall St

When a chemical engineer opens a restaurant, you know it’s going to be unique. That was certainly the case at Cafe Artscience, the modernist cocktail bar and French restaurant at Kendall Square that closed in December. Now that engineer has opened a Mediterranean-inspired spot in the same space, with things like redfish a la plancha and calamari au gratin on the menu. For now the food is only available for takeout, but dine in will be open soon.

Bánh Mì Oi

$$$$ 1759 Center St

The team behind Phinista Cafe has also opened a Vietnamese restaurant in West Roxbury. Naturally, there will be bánh mì available, but phở, vermicelli bowls, and bubble tea are all on the menu as well. Phinista Cafe’s Vietnamese-style coffee is also on offer.

Drew Katz

Revival Cafe + Kitchen

$$$$ 103 Newbury St

We’re fans of the breakfast sandwiches at this Cambridge spot, which has locations both in Davis Square and Alewife. Now they’ve opened a new branch on Newbury, making the street even more of a coffee destination (Blue Bottle, Pavement, and Thinking Cup are all there too).

Alumni Pizza

$$$$ 379 Washington St

The original Alumni Cafe opened in Quincy the 60’s, and apparently they served up some pretty legendary bar pizza. Some have said Alumni Cafe is as iconic as New York City’s Carnegie Deli. We’re not sure what to make of that statement, but since Alumni is now returning to its hometown, we’re certainly open to having more pizza.

Liberty Tavern

$$$$ 1647 Hancock St

Speaking of more pizza, Liberty Tavern is also opening in Quincy, featuring wood-fired pies and entrees like seared scallops and pork chops. They’ll also be serving brunch items like poutine and s’mores french toast on the weekends.

Joel Ang

The Lexington at Picnic Grove

$$$$ 219 Jacobs Street

The team behind Puritan & Co. was supposed to open three new places in East Cambridge in June, but the pandemic altered that timeline. For now, they’re running an outdoor picnic pop-up of sorts with wagyu hot dogs, lobster rolls, and pretzel Rice Krispie treats.

City Works

City Works - Watertown

$$$$ 485 Arsenal St.

Just in case you needed a spot with 15 flat screen TVs and 90 beers on tap, City Works in Watertown has you covered. They’ve also got a large outdoor patio, perfect for sipping all those brews while you get your annual dose of Vitamin D.

Season To Taste

$$$$ 2447 Massachusetts Ave

The highly acclaimed fine-dining spot The Table at Season to Taste closed in June, and the same team behind that Cambridge spot is opening a more casual gastropub in the space. They’ll have outdoor dining to start, with plans for indoor dining at a later date.


Jamaica Mi Hungry

$$$$ 225 Centre Street

The Jamaican food truck specialists now have their first brick-and-mortar location in JP. Curry goat, oxtails, and the Arboretum are now the top three reasons to move to that neighborhood.

Seis Pies

Seis Pies

$$$$ 1 Bow Market Way

Seis Pies, which translates to six feet, is a burrito pop-up that was born out of the pandemic. Now their San Francisco “mission-style” burritos are available at Hot Box in Bow Market - the menu can be found here.

Faces Brewing

Faces Brewing Company

$$$$ 50 Pleasant St

Faces Brewing is the newest brewery in town, and it’s now open for both indoor and outdoor dining. There are sandwiches and pizza to go, along with 11 different beers on tap at this Malden spot. Naturally, half of them are IPAs.

The Nu Do Society

Nu Do Society

$$$$ 125 River St

We weren’t sure either at first, but we can now confirm the Nu Do Society is distinctly different from the folks at Sandy Terraces. The team was scheduled to open a new brick-and-mortar location in Cambridge, but encountered some COVID-related renovation issues. However, they’re still serving noodles weekly - more information on their website.

Tasty Burger

$$$$ 48 Winter Street

Tasty has added a fifth location to their ever-expanding patty empire - this time, it’s a new place in Downtown Crossing.

Mediterranean Grill

$$$$ 2401 Massachusetts Ave

Kabobs, falafel, and spanakopita are all available at this new Mediterranean-inspired spot in North Cambridge.


Dumpling Daughter

Dumpling Daughter

$$$$ 1309 Beacon St

We suppose life would be a little easier sometimes with well-behaved, pan-seared pork dumplings instead of a screaming two-year-old. This Chinese spot recently opened a new branch in Brookline to go along with locations in Cambridge and Weston.

Chic Chick

$$$$ 164 Brighton Ave

If you’ve never had the chance to indulge in Hainanese chicken rice, here’s your chance. Chic Chick in Allston is serving the classic poached chicken on rice and soba noodles. If you’re anything like us, you won’t be able to get enough of that ginger-jasmine rice.


My Happy Hunan Kitchen

$$$$ 1924 Beacon St

Admittedly, we’d be pretty happy too if we were served red-braised pork, spicy shrimp, and lamb stew every day. With this new Hunan spot in Brighton, it seems that a quick pick-me-up is pretty achievable.

Weltkuche Bistro

$$$$ 5 Glassworks Ave

Weltkuche in East Cambridge claims to be an “international restaurant,” though it appears most of the items on the menu are more Northern Indian in nature. It adds another dining option for those living in the ever-changing Cambridge Crossing area.


Keith Patankar

Tambo 22

Peruvian  in  Chelsea
$$$$ 22 Adams St

Tambo 22 is a new Peruvian spot run by the same team behind one of our favorite North End restaurants, Taranta. If there’s one thing that could help lift our spirits a little this year, it’s more places to drink pisco sours and eat ceviche.

Sombrero Chiquito

$$$$ 197 Massachusetts Ave

Sombrero Chiquito in Fenway opened right before the quarantine restrictions hit, but this Mexican spot is still making things like burritos, nachos, and street corn for takeout and delivery.

Mexicali Sushi Bar

$$$$ 199 Sumner St

Mexicali in East Boston serves Mexican-inspired sushi rolls, which is pretty unique for the Boston area. The aguachile roll, in particular, sounds interesting.


Yellow Door Taqueria

$$$$ 354 Harrison Ave

Dorchester staple Yellow Door Taqueria has opened a second location in the South End. There are 12 taco varieties, like scallop frito and sunchoke, to choose from, all of which come on homemade corn tortillas. The restaurant also has a text-a-taco service, which you use to gift tacos to your friends. Turns out technology can actually be used for good.

Sam Swan


$$$$ 48 Gloucester St

Wine bars are opening all over the city, and Krasi has joined the party. This Greek restaurant in Back Bay features lesser-known wines from the region and a large selection of mezze plates like celery root carpaccio and smoked monkfish. There’s also a “Feast of the Gods” for $349, if you’re feeling particularly divine.


$$$$ 125 Salem St

Libertine is a new North End restaurant that, shockingly, isn’t Italian. It calls itself a “gastropub,” serving a wide range of things from street corn to chicken pot pie to BBQ ribs. There’s also a number of mac and cheese options, probably because any place that doesn’t serve pasta in the North End will inevitably be shut down by the tourism board.

Alma Gaucha

$$$$ 401 D St

Southie now has its own Brazilian steakhouse right next to Lawn on D. So this summer you could foreseeably eat an ungodly amount of meat and then play bubble soccer - Boston’s version of the Krispy Kreme Challenge.


$$$$ 40 Berkeley St

The team behind Beehive has a new street food-inspired Mexican spot inside the Revolution Hotel in the South End. The menu has a variety of tacos and rice bowls, as well as a selection of larger entrees like cochinita pibil (pork that’s spent hours detoxing within a banana leaf).

Bubor Cha Cha

$$$$ 45 Beach St

This Chinatown restaurant, which previously served Cantonese and South East Asian dishes, has now reopened with a focus on Hunan cuisine. Expect some spicy things like steamed fish with red peppers.


$$$$ 23A Bow St

A small Mexican restaurant and bar has opened right next to Celeste in Somerville. There are mezcal and tuxca cocktails, as well as five to six small plates (like aguachile) daily. Weekend brunch is also available.

Mike Diskin

French Quarter

$$$$ 545 Washington St

The Theater District is now home to a New Orleans-themed restaurant, complete with fleur de lis, sazeracs, po-boys, and gumbo. No word yet on whether Drew Brees will make an appearance.

Lucie Drink & Dine

$$$$ 120 Huntington Ave

There’s a new kind-of-American restaurant inside The Colonnade Hotel in Back Bay, and its goal is to become a “great neighborhood restaurant.” We’re not entirely sure what algorithm they’ll use to get there, but having Maine lobster pie and make-your-own-sundaes on the menu is a good start.

Brooklyn Ramen

Ramen  in  Brookline
$$$$ 299 Harvard St

The speciality Japanese tea store Gen Sou En in Brookline recently closed, but the space has now been converted into a grocery store. There’s a deli housing Brooklyn Ramen in the back, which serves ramen and okonomiyaki.


$$$$ 146 Belgrade Ave

A casual West African restaurant is now open in Roslindale, serving staples like meat patties, puff puffs, and Jollof rice.


Brian Samuels

Grand Tour

$$$$ 314 Newbury St

The team behind Select Oyster Bar now has a Tour de France-inspired bistro just around the corner in Back Bay. The menu has some unique takes on French classics, like escargot pie and rabbit with parsley salad. The most expensive thing on the menu is the caviar omelette at $60 - even if we were gifted one every morning, we still wouldn’t ride a bike for 3,570 miles.


$$$$ 1450 Dorchester Ave

Dorchester has a new soul food and Asian fusion restaurant, serving unique dishes like jambalaya egg rolls and a smoked brisket bánh mì. It’s more interesting than almost everything at Legal, where the chef used to work.

La Mei Hotpot

$$$$ 230 Harvard St

The Coolidge Corner section of Brookline now has another hot pot restaurant in the neighborhood. There’s a “crazy spicy” broth option here - while Denny’s has a similar option, we guarantee it will taste better at LaMei.



$$$$ 512 Commonwealth Ave

Osaka udon-chain Tsurutontan now has its first Boston location inside of the Hotel Commonwealth in Kenmore Square. Udon’s not the only thing on the menu, though - there’s also sushi, donburi bowls, cocktails, and sake.

Kim Furnald

Lulu Green

$$$$ 246 W Broadway

Southie now has a Middle Eastern vegan restaurant. You’ll have salads, sandwiches, smoothies, and a mezze bar to choose from, as well as some bakery items. A Turkish coffee cardamom-cherry muffin seems like a delicious option to us.


$$$$ 1246 Massachusetts Ave

Dorchester Brewing Company, one of our favorite Boston breweries, is now home to a BBQ restaurant. So the next time you’re “working from home,” you’ll be able to pair some pulled pork with an IPA during an important “lunch meeting.”

Poke By Love Art

$$$$ 103 Beverly St

The Love Art team already has a sushi and udon restaurant, so now they’re adding a poke spot to the mix. Everything is gluten-free at this Downtown establishment, apart from the spaghetti self-portrait on the wall by local artist Nord Fine.

Bar 'Cino

Bar 'Cino

$$$$ 1032 Beacon St

Instead of another dispensary (which was originally supposed to be in this space), Brookline just got a new Italian restaurant from a Rhode Island restaurant group. The menu is made up of a variety of small plates and pastas, as well as a specific type of Rhode Island pizza made famous in the 1980s. Tracksuits and ruffled shirts are making a comeback, so we suppose there’s no reason to discriminate against pizza.

Longcross Bar and Kitchen

LongCross Bar and Kitchen

$$$$ 501 Fellsway

Detroit-style pizza places are quickly expanding around the Boston area, and perhaps some of them will make it on to our best pizza list one day. For now, you can enjoy deep-dish by the fireplace at this new Medford restaurant.

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