The 16 Best Lobster Rolls In Boston

The best of what Boston’s best at.

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photo credit: Natalie Schaefer

Maine thinks it owns lobster rolls, but for 200 years Massachusetts owned Maine. So by the transitive property, Boston is actually the place to be for lobster rolls, anything related to Stephen King, and whatever else Maine has (talking moose, maybe?). If you want to try a great lobster roll without running the risk of getting lost in the woods, accidentally crossing into Canada, or getting pig’s blood dumped on you at the prom, you have plenty of options. These are the best lobster rolls in Boston.

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The Rolls

Neptune Oyster imageoverride image

Neptune Oyster

Available for: Takeout or Dine-In

Here’s the truth: virtually everything on the menu at Neptune is excellent and it would be a tragedy if you only went here for the roll, stuffed yourself with lobster and carbs, and then didn’t have room for the blue fish johnnycake. But this too-big-for-one-person roll of sweet, buttery lobster heaven would be Boston’s flag-bearer in the sandwich Olympics, and you shouldn’t pass it up. (Side note: can we get a sandwich Olympics please?)

Available for: Takeout or Dine-In

Like those tiny round-tip scissors you used in kindergarten, some lobster rolls appear to have been deliberately made small enough for children. Then there’s the lobster roll at Belle Isle in Winthrop, which is nearly big enough for a kindergartener to take a nap on while dreaming of playing on the see-saw with lobster fairies. (Is that what kindergartners dream about? It’s been a while.) This roll isn’t just huge, though. With a perfectly toasted bun, a nice touch of mayo, and lobster that you know is fresh because it came out of a tank in the restaurant, it’s damn delicious.

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In

The cold roll at Summer Shack is made with cucumber, but this isn’t a case where a restaurant trying to put its own mark on a classic ends up overwhelming it with something that doesn’t quite fit. The cucumber is subtle and works perfectly with tarragon mayo on a toasted potato bun that’s just the right size.

Row 34 imageoverride image

Row 34



open table

Available for: Takeout or Dine-In

There are no shallots, rosemary-infused buns, or beurre rouge messing around with the warm lobster roll at Row 34 in the seaport. There’s just a lot of lobster covered in hot butter, and it’s great.

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In

After biting into the warm roll at Saltie Girl, you may spend the next several hours trying to place a flavor that’s familiar, yet pretty distinct in Lobster Roll-Land. We’ll save you the trouble: it’s a white wine and butter sauce and it tastes great seeping into the grilled split-top hot dog bun. You’re going to love it, and you’re going to love the housemade salt and vinegar chips that come with it.

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In

With brown butter and a steamed bao bun, this is the most untraditional roll that made the list. But breaking tradition here results in a roll that you will finish in under a minute and then seriously contemplate immediately ordering again. It’s rich enough to make the Harvard fencing team, and we actually recommend going with the small in order to try other things on the menu.

Available for: Takeout

We’ve always wondered why the roll portion of a lobster roll lacks the satisfying crunch of it’s common companion, the potato chip. Yes, a pint of butter on any piece of bread will decrease its crunchiness, but New England food scientists should have come up with a viable solution by now. Thankfully, the folks at Juliet are addressing this textural conundrum head-on. Their brioche is perfectly crisp on the outside while remaining soft on the inside, and it pairs really well with large, brown-butter laced mayo lobster chunks. We would be amiss if we didn’t also mention the stellar homemade potato chips. As far as companions go, this one, unlike your quarantine cat, is a keeper.

Available for: Takeout or Delivery

Sure, strictly speaking, this is not a roll. But we’re not about to let bread-truthers boss us around - especially when the cold “lobster sandwich” is as good as it is here. The toasted slices of white bread do a good job holding everything together, and then they sort of just disappear in your mouth, providing a nice little crunch to go with fresh, sweet lobster meat and a little hint of mayo. Don’t be a breadist, try this.

Available for: Takeout

The lobster roll at Bondir is, hands down, the best looker of the lot. The squid ink brioche, the basil-mayo lobster, and the celery-leaf crown could foreseeably be part of the next Gaga awards outfit. Thankfully, it tastes pretty good too, with the squid ink providing a subtle saltiness to the dressed meat. For the celery-averse, this roll does have a more vegetal quality to it. But if you’re getting food from a farm-to-table spot, every bite should probably taste like a forage in the woods anyway.

Available for: Takeout or Dine-In

Yankee Lobster in the Seaport is a simple seafood shack where everything is served on trays and you’ll probably need to wipe off your table before you sit down. The roll is correspondingly simple: cold meat with a little mayo on a grilled hot dog bun. The meat is fresh, though, and the meat-to-bread ratio is perfect.

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In

Rumor has it that when Mookie Betts lived in the South End, this roll was one of his go-to lunch options. So thank god that the love we still have for Mookie trumps the hate we have for places that spell out Boston accented words for marketing purposes because otherwise, we might’ve left a great roll off this list out of spite. What sets the standard hot-buttered roll here apart is a big brioche bun - because when you’re eating tender chunks of lobster covered in butter, the only thing that makes it better is a bun that’s filled with lots of butter, too. This is also one of the few places offering multiple different sizes (six different sizes, to be exact).

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In

We’re not going to say that eating a lobster roll can be as stressful as, say, defusing a bomb, but having to decide between cold-with-mayo and hot-with-butter can be as stressful as watching a movie where someone has to defuse a bomb, at least. You don’t have to worry about that at Bennett’s in the Fenway, because their roll is made with both mayo and drawn butter, and it’s great. It ends up falling more on the cold mayo spectrum of lobster roll taxonomy, but the butter comes through.

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In at Burlington location

The seafood served at Island Creek is about as fresh and high-quality as it gets. As a result, the lobster salad with creme fraiche and a little pickle that makes up the bulk of the roll here is outstanding. There’s just a little too much of the rosemary bun, though, and while grilled rosemary buns are great, that’s not what you’re paying $35 for.

Available for: Takeout or Dine-In

You have to like chives if you’re going to have the roll at B&G in the South End, because its covered with them and the taste definitely comes through. It’s a nice little twist, and works well on a roll that, as a good roll should, has a lot more lobster than bread.

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In

Since eating a lot of food is kind of our thing, we’re generally not fans of fasting. But we’ll make exceptions in three specific circumstances: to get ready for surgery because our doctor tells us to, to get into heaven because God tells us to (supposedly), and to save room for the massive 25 ounces of lobster meat that comes in Pauli’s Lobstitution. We don’t recommend making this a regular lunch option (because not many people could afford that), but you absolutely should schedule a day in the future to fast, run 10 miles, and then stuff your face with one of these.

Available for: Takeout, Delivery, or Dine-In

This is the type of lobster roll that made lobster rolls famous. It’s crisp, covered with mayo (though just a bit too much), made with lobsters that were swimming in their tanks that morning, and it’s exactly what you want on a hot summer day. The fact that you can grab it to go and then eat it on the Greenway makes it even better.

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