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6 Great Fried Chicken Sandwiches In Boston

Breaded, fried, and breaded again.

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6 Spots
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Updated September 3rd, 2020

When done well, the fried chicken sandwich is a thing of beauty. And its popularity in recent years has skyrocketed, with nearly every fast food chain giving it a go (we’d be lying if we said we didn’t wait in a long Popeyes line at one point). Fortunately, Boston is also home to a wide range of styles and takes on the fried chicken sandwich. Here are seven of our favorites that you can get right now.

The Sandwiches

Joel Ang

Neighborhood Kitchen

Fusion  in  Medford
$$$$ 84 Spring St

The Spring Street Chicken Sandwich at Neighborhood Kitchen is topped with a substance known as bacon jam - what else do you need to know? Well, there’s also a nicely-fried, spicy chicken breast and some chipotle mayo on this sandwich. But the bacon jam that’s subtly tucked in the bottom layer has the perfect balance of crunch, saltiness, and sweetness, and is probably the best condiment we’ve had this year. Not that we’re out buying random condiments to try at the grocery store or anything. No, not us, never.

Joel Ang

State Park

$$$$ One Kendall Square

Chicken katsudon is already pretty great on it’s own, and we’re not convinced it needed to be revamped as a fried chicken sandwich. At least State Park pays appropriate homage to the original, with a crispy panko cutlet, soy-barbecue mushrooms, and shredded cabbage. There’s a lot of flavor packed in here, and we haven’t come across anything else quite like it.

Joel Ang


$$$$ 2306 Washington St

Coleslaw is already divisive enough on its own, and since Soleil puts the stuff on their fried chicken sandwich, we can only imagine what conversations they have over the Thanksgiving table. But we’re encouraging even the coleslaw averse to give this one a chance - it balances out the sandwich really well, providing a refreshing counter to the chipotle mayo (and extra hot sauce that we added). The holidays are probably going to look different this year, so make room for the cabbage.

Joel Ang

Rhythm 'N Wraps

Vegan  in  Brookline
$$$$ 1096 Commonwealth Ave

Quotation marks are apparently pretty powerful literary devices since they can trick the general public into thinking that jackfruit is actually “chicken.” But aside from the fact that the texture of the fried jackfruit is softer (think fried cod), we’re not sure Rhythm ’n Wraps needs to employ any punctuation trickery. The soft brioche bun complements the crispy fry and cilantro aioli well, so this isn’t a “good vegan sandwich” - it’s just a good sandwich. There’s also both a buffalo and teriyaki version if you don’t particularly like cilantro.

Joel Ang

Shy Bird

$$$$ 1 Broadway

Between the egg and hot honey, you’re essentially having a glorified breakfast sandwich at Shy Bird. Heck, it’s even served on a doughy vehicle that looks like an English muffin (though thankfully it isn’t one - the bread is more like an unsweetened Portuguese bolo). The chicken here has an enjoyable crunch, and halfway through your sandwich when you’re licking liquid bee gold off your fingers, you’ll wonder why you’ve skipped breakfast all these years.

Joel Ang


$$$$ 1071 Cambridge St.

Bisq is already known for their spectacular fried chicken dinners, but that does not a good fried chicken sandwich make (we’re ready for season two of The Mandalorian). Well, we’re happy to report that Bisq also has a spectacular sandwich iteration, complete with honey mustard on a potato bun. It’s really hard to overstate just how well the chicken is cooked here, providing an unbelievably crispy-but-juicy eating experience. The experience lasts a while too, given how large the piece of chicken is.

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