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Tambo 22 review image

BOS Review

Tambo 22

Tambo 22 is a very good Peruvian restaurant with excellent cocktails and entrees like alpaca burger.

Rincón Limeño Restaurant review image

BOS Review

Rincón Limeño Restaurant

Rincón Limeño is a Peruvian restaurant in East Boston with a full liquor license and great ceviche.

Celeste review image

BOS Review


Celeste is a cool little Peruvian restaurant in Union Square that makes great ceviche.

Ruka review image

BOS Review


Ruka is a fun Japanese-Peruvian restaurant in Downtown Crossing.

Machu Chicken review image

BOS Review

Machu Chicken

Machu Chicken is a casual Peruvian spot in Union Square that makes great chicken, which is good, because otherwise it’d have to change its name.