Austin doesn’t really have a ton of those super-trendy sushi spots that you see in movies, usually filled with people dressed in Armani suits and little black dresses while sipping on lychee martinis. But we do have TenTen, and it comes pretty close. That’s not a bad thing by any means—sometimes you want to dress entirely in black, sip expensive cocktails, and eat delicate bites of nigiri before a night out. And when that time comes, you should probably head to TenTen. 

TenTen review image

photo credit: TenTen

The dining room is dimly lit, with servers (also) dressed in black whizzing from corner to corner dropping off plates of hamachi carpaccio, tuna gyoza tacos, and a5 wagyu strip steaks. And the back wall looks like a sidewalk split full of cracks, filled with beautiful patches of grass. It gives the whole place an energy that feels alive, particularly on a stretch of West 6th Street that’s more associated with vodka sodas than fine dining.

Expect to drop a few bills here on food that merely gets the job done while looking very pretty, even if it lacks some of the subtle techniques of higher-end sushi joints. When you want the best in upscale sushi in Austin, head to Uchi or Soto, but when you’re Downtown and want a solid spot for date night before going out—and you’re willing to pay for it—head to TenTen.