Subterra Agave Bar

It’s a known fact that underground bars are cool. There’s something about the lack of windows and having  to walk down a flight of stairs that feels like you’re entering a hidden society or a fight club, and Subterra is no exception (sans fighting). Located at Ember Kitchen in the Seaholm District downtown, Subterra is an agave bar with a menu of classic cocktails and inventive Latin America-inspired creations. That means for every Mexican Firing Squad (made with tequila, lime, grenadine, and bitters), you’ll also find a tequila-based martini with sherry, olives, zucchini, cardamom, and celery. Sure, those ingredients might sound more like a kitchen sink salad than a cocktail, but when paired together by bar staff that clearly knows what they’re doing, the end result is something truly unique. Of course, not everybody wants to feel challenged by a cocktail—this isn’t some weird episode of Man V. Food—and fortunately, even the tamer drinks feel thoughtfully crafted. Head here after a meal upstairs, or just pop in for excellent cocktails during an evening out Downtown.

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