R&B’s Steak And Fries

When it comes to cheesesteaks, people from Philly tend to get pretty protective. Even people who have just visited Philadelphia will rattle off a list of dos and don'ts, as if they’re reading off some sacred scroll sent down from the gods of meat and dairy. 

  • It must be served on an Amoroso roll

  • It must be made with ribeye 

  • It must come topped with american, provolone, or cheez whiz 

R&B’s Steak And Fries review image

photo credit: Nicolai McCrary

R&B’s Steak And Fries in East Austin seems to have read from these same scrolls*. The cheesesteak here is about as classic as they come—the rolls are shipped in from Philly and the sandwiches are made with Texas ribeye. Sure, you can fancy it up with some lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, but you should probably just let the steak, cheese, and bread do their thing, uninterrupted. Sauteed onions, on the other hand, are perfectly acceptable (maybe even preferred). 

But as much as we love R&B’s cheesesteak, we also know that sharing is caring, and should you find yourself in a multiple person situation, you can also pick up an order of loaded fries—a perfect excuse to forego all social graces and find yourselves knuckles-deep in a mountain of crinkle-cut potatoes, cheese, steak, and onions. Or just get an order for yourself. The loaded fries pair especially well with sweatpants, a comfy couch, and a queued-up Netflix watchlist. 

* No such scroll exists. Throw on some bell peppers and leave off the cheese if you want. Live your life. 

Food Rundown

R&B’s Steak And Fries review image

photo credit: Nicolai McCrary


You already know the deal. The bread is soft and pillowy, the ribeye is tender and packed full of flavor. We like all of the cheese options here, but our favorite is the cheez whiz for how well it permeates into every nook and crevice of the sandwich. Our go-to order? Classic cheesesteak, cheez whiz, and sauteed onions, or a “Whiz, Wit” as our friends in Philly might say.

R&B’s Steak And Fries review image

photo credit: Nicolai McCrary

Loaded Fries

This is everything that goes into the sandwich, but on a bed of crispy crinkle cut fries. And it’s every bit as tasty as it sounds and looks. R&B’s uses a blend of cheez whiz and melted american cheddar, so you get all the pliability of melted cheddar with the permeability of whiz.

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