Pinches Tacos

Parked next to Revival Coffee on East 7th, Pinches Tacos is a taco truck with a menu that spans pretty much the entire tortilla-based spectrum, from breakfast tacos to birria tacos, and everything in between (plus tortas). And while there are a couple of more “classic” meat fillings—including grilled chicken and carne asada—it’s options like braised beef “trompo” al pastor or breakfast tacos with beef bacon that fly to savory new heights. Like at all the al pastor greats before them, the trompo meat gets sliced into thick strips and griddled on every side to maximize the meat’s crispy-to-juicy ratio. And a double layer of warm corn tortillas does a pretty good job of wrapping it all up into a nice little package.

Pinches Tacos review image

photo credit: Nicolai McCrary