Noble Sandwich Company is permanently closed

photo credit: Rick Cortez

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Noble Sandwich Company

$$$$(512) 382-6248

Since this isn’t New York City, Austin doesn’t have much in the way of delis or sandwich options worth mentioning. That said, Noble Sandwich Co is one of the better options in town and packs a wallop when it comes to creativity and execution. It’s a little pricey, but you do feel like you’re getting what you pay for here with ingredients that seem a little more legit than your typical lunch spot.

Rick Cortez

Noble Sandwich Company review image

Food Rundown

The Cuban

The best attempt of this style of sandwich in Austin. The bread is the perfect consistency and the bold flavors will make you want to convert to communism in no time.

Creole Catfish

A gooey spicy catfish affair. It melts in your mouth faster than the rapidly shrinking wetlands from which its Louisiana spice hails from.

The Noble Pig

Lots of pig. Spicy ham, bacon, and pulled pork adorned with spicy mustard, provolone. It’s their flagship sandwich and a viable way to begin familiarizing yourself with a dense, creative menu.

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