Neighborhood Sushi

From the team behind Perla’s, Clark’s, Sammie’s, Jeffrey’s, and roughly 85% of the remaining restaurants in Austin, Neighborhood Sushi offers excellent nigiri, rolls, and Japanese-inspired bites out of a semi-hidden dining room on South Congress (the entrance is through the parking lot in the back). Despite the name, it’s not really priced like a casual neighborhood spot, and the interior is far too polished and dressed up to indicate otherwise. But you’re here for the melt-in-your-mouth fish and well-seasoned rice, not convenience (unless you happen to live near South Congress). 

The nigiri is generously sized and leans pretty classic in the preparation. The rolls, on the other hand, veer a little farther from tradition, including things like grilled cubanelle mayo, fermented chili, and jalapeños, for what feels like a vaguely Texan twist on familiar flavors. We also really like the grilled fish collars—the skin comes out charred and crispy, with tender meat that you’ll want to dig out with your fingers. And it’s served with a small bowl of pickled wasabi with lime and sea salt that’s spicy, tangy, and a strong contender for “Best Dips We’ve Eaten This Year.”

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photo credit: Richard Casteel

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