Licha's Cantina

East Sixth Street has no shortage of good food or patios, but when a place can deliver on both fronts it’s a welcome resident. From the outside, Licha’s looks like an old house. And from the inside, well, it kind of looks like an old house, but filled with dining tables. It’s dark and loud inside, but not in a way that feels clubby or overly-busy, and the patio is packed full of people from open till close. 

Given its location on a bar-heavy section of East Sixth Street—and a clientele made up largely of weekend boozy brunchers and bar hopping pregamers—the food here is much better than it needs to be. Order some queso fundido chorizo for the table and see who can stretch their cheese the farthest (we promise we’re somewhat mature), then fill up on huaraches, tlacoyos, quesadillas, and suadero tacos served DIY style on a skillet. Whatever you get, you’ll want to accompany it with a margarita—available by the pitcher, for those who dare—a paloma, or even a bucket of Coronitas. 

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photo credit: Nicolai McCrary

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