Komé: Sushi Kitchen

Komé in Ridgetop is a Japanese restaurant perhaps best known for its action-packed sushi rolls and their go-go sauce, a spicy mayo. But they also have a pretty broad menu that spans from homemade gyoza to nigiri to bento boxes (we like the grilled mackerel filet the best). There are also donburi rice bowls with options including Japanese beef curry, yakitori, and katsu.

Komé also makes very good ramen, including a phenomenal and well-rounded miso (with an umami mushroom base, chili oil, and chili threads), a vegetarian miso (topped with fried tofu skin), a more subtle tonkotsu that won’t bonk you over the head, and a delicate shoyu. The ramen menu is currently only available for dine-in during lunch, which just means you need to be strategic about how you plan your morning and afternoon meetings if you want to escape for a quick noodle adventure.

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photo credit: Nitya Jain

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