Jo's Coffee

Basically a walk-up coffee shop with a few outdoor tables occupied by people working on their startups and couples meeting up for first dates, Jo’s Coffee also functions as a great place to recharge for a bit with an espresso or an Iced Turbo (a creamy, chocolaty, hazelnut cold brew). If you’re visiting Austin for the first time, there are probably three images you’ve seen on the cover of every guide book about the city—the “Hi, How Are You” frog, the Paramount sign, and the “I love you so much” mural. And with a quick visit to Jo’s, you can easily check that last one off your bucket list.

The food is about what you’d expect out of a street facing grab-and-go coffee window—that means pre-packaged sandwiches, tacos, and salads—which are more than adequate for a quick snack. But they’re not the reason you’re here. You’re here to relax on the small covered patio, take in some caffeine, and to watch the long line of people waiting to take a photo in front of the “I love you so much” wall. Then, maybe get in line yourself.

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photo credit: Holly Dirks

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