Howard’s Bar & Club

The first thing you’ll probably notice when you walk past the velvet rope and into the tiny room that makes up Howard’s is the giant disco ball spinning around in the middle of the room, reflecting little specks of light onto anything and everything. It’s a bar and club that feels like it migrated here from a big East Coast city, complete with worn-in industrial walls, a DJ booth, and a microscopic dance floor (plus that velvet rope we mentioned). On the menu you’ll find smash burgers, fried cheese curds, and miller lite on draft, but you’ll also find an almost $200 order of chips and caviar and $5,000 bottles of champagne. This is the Nickel City that went to private school and had a little too much of an allowance growing up, but still knows how to have a good time. Pop in for an espresso martini (on draft) or a hotel nacional, grab a hot dog, and escape to a tiny club in a big city with long alleyways and taller buildings for a few hours.