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Hillside Farmacy

$$$$(512) 628-0168
Hours:SATURDAY9:00AM to 11:00PM

Hillside Farmacy could easily get by on its good looks alone. There is a ridiculous amount of charm here, both inside and out on the striped-awning covered patio. The space plays up its origins as Hillside Drugstore, with vintage tile floors, cabinets leftover from the pharmacy, and a highly “cute” old-school feel throughout. We dare you not to post an Instagram before you even sit down.

Hillside Farmacy review image

But, we get it - you might need more than a pretty space to be really sold on a place. And that brings us to the food, which is the real reason you should come here. The menu at Hillside is simple, classic American, but the execution of every dish takes it up a notch. Hillside is best known for its incredible weekend brunch - but we’ve found it’s just as useful for weekday breakfasts and lunches, and casual dinners.

Still need more convincing? The cocktails here are also excellent. Between the Wasabi Bloody Mary, and the Burro Borracho, you’ll have (almost) just as much fun deciding on a drink as you will actually drinking it.

This place is our go-to for comforting and consistent food, in a cool yet unpretentious environment. Perfect for everything from dates to friend hangs to meals with your parents, Hillside Farmacy is always the cure.

Food Rundown

Mac & Cheese

You can get mac & cheese pretty much everywhere. But this one is actually special. So special that no trip to Hillside Farmacy is complete without at least one on your table.

Hillside Farmacy review image

Fried Egg Sandwich

A crowd favorite at Hillside for a reason. Layered with avocado, aioli, sprouts, and topped with a fried green tomato.

Hillside Farmacy review image

Roasted Chicken

Looking for something a just a little less terrible for you? This is a great bet. Lemony, herb-y, and really flavorful chicken, on top of a creamy mashed potato base. Can’t go wrong.

Hillside Farmacy review image

Knuckle Sandwich

Pulled pork shoulder, pickled onions and peppers, and house mustard - the perfect mix all under one bun. If you come here hungry, you should be eating this.

Hillside Farmacy review image

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