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Foreign & Domestic

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Foreign & Domestic

We spend a lot of time in Austin. Yes, we end up there a lot for music related things, but it’s also become one of our go-to destinations for high quality eating outside of New York City. Sure, San Francisco has some world-class restaurants, and LA is cool if you’re looking for really good sushi and a DUI, but Austin is where the fun sh*t is. There aren’t too many other places where you can get some of the best fried chicken on earth, a gourmet doughnut that could very well kill you, and award-winning Japanese food all within a two-mile radius. God we love this town.

Before our last trip down for South By Southwest, we stumbled upon a relatively unheard of new restaurant in a sleepy part of town called Foreign & Domestic. Run by a husband and wife team who spent some time in New York City, F&D is known for their super creative menu and dedication to making everything in the restaurant from scratch. Dishes like beef heart tartare with pickled vegetables, and a special marriage of soft egg and scallop absolutely blew our minds. We liked Foreign & Domestic so much that we brought a school bus full of people there for dinner – months before Guy Fieri showed up with his Camaro and a camera crew.

Now that the restaurant has been on the Food Network (and has an official Infatuation review), Foreign & Domestic is packed every night, and is getting the recognition it deserves. If you find yourself in Austin, this place needs to be at the top of your hit list, right next to the fried chicken and the doughnuts. The menu changes often, but have no fear – you’re gonna be happy no matter what.

Food Rundown

Squid and Red Fish Crudo

The menu at F&D features a “Crudo of the Day”, and ours was this insanely good combination of squid and red fish. It’s a nice, light way to start a meal here, and we’d recommend you do so.

Beef Heart Tartare

Yeah that’s right, beef heart. It’s like a richer, more delicious steak tartare that squeaks between your teeth a little bit. Grow a pair and order it. Even if you don’t love it, you can tell people you ate it. We’re betting you love it.

Soft Egg & Scallop

Tell me that thing doesn’t look incredible. This scallop and egg dish comes with apples in the bowl and some carrot butter. This might have been the best thing we had at Foreign & Domestic.

Roast Pork Belly

We’re sort of over the pork belly sensation, but this one was special, mostly due to the use of something called “fish sauce caramel”. Part of what impresses us so much with this place is their use of interesting ingredients and accompaniments to take the food to the next level.

Chocolate Trifle

An insane jar of chocolate custard spiked with dried cherries and then topped off with a chocolate fudge macaron. It’s like chocolate pudding on drugs…good drugs.

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