Eldorado Cafe

The casual and family-owned restaurant Eldorado Cafe on West Anderson Lane in North Shoal Creek self-styles itself as “Mexican comfort food,” but it occasionally veers wholeheartedly into Tex-Mex as well as New Mexican territory. The broad menu includes queso, burritos, crispy tacos, carne guisada, and enchiladas (even Dart Bowl-inspired enchiladas, RIP). Make sure to order the salsa sampler with five housemade salsas that range from a mild avocado to a fiery El Scorpio.

Eldorado is extremely popular for its bold flavors and big portions—and unless you have a reservation, there will almost always be a wait during peak dinner hours. There are heavy Old Austin vibes, with a colorful, low-key, and kid-friendly space. The service is big-hearted, and with that there’s a wildly passionate community of regulars (you’ll often see people wearing their t-shirts and cycling jerseys around town). Here’s how much the servers assume everyone is a regular: Every table gets chips and a free salsa, and when you sit down they ask you which you want, because they expect that everyone is so intimately familiar with their five salsas that you have a favorite.

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