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The Austin food pyramid consists of fried things, smoked meats, and a solid bottom layer of chips and salsa/queso/guacamole. Some days you might try to balance that out with green juice, vegetables, and grilled chicken - and other days you just accept that resistance is futile, and surrender to carbs and cheese. Bonhomie is one of the city’s best places to do that.

Located among the barre studios, vape shops, and new apartment complexes on Burnet Road is this French bistro. People visiting Austin from out of town are unlikely to make it this far north, but if you live here, you know there’s a strong restaurant scene on Burnet now, and Bonhomie is one of our favorite newcomers.

Roger Ho

As mentioned, the food here is rich, so just embrace it. Promise yourself you’ll make oatmeal tomorrow, but while you’re here, scrambled eggs and bacon on a rosti (a.k.a. a giant hashbrown) should be your clear priority. Or, at dinnertime, get the cheese-smothered French onion soup, and add a side of gnocchi a la Parisienne, with brown butter and more cheese - because there’s no point in just going halfway down this road. Yes, there are vegetables on the menu, but you’re not coming here to eat a salad.

The U-shaped bar in the back of the restaurant offers plenty of seating for couples or solo diners, and the red booths around the dining room are great for small groups. Unfortunately, the patio is forgettable - the busy street outside doesn’t offer much in terms of views (Paris-level people watching this is not). But the waitstaff seem genuinely excited to work here, and the crowd is actual Austin people - bringing their parents somewhere “hip,” or just hanging out with friends who aren’t interested in long lines elsewhere.

Since the menu is heavy on excellent breakfast dishes, we’d advise you to come for brunch over dinner, at least your first time. You may not be invited to lead a national campaign on healthy eating anytime soon, but as far as the Austin food pyramid goes, your expert-level nutritional certification should arrive by mail in a matter of weeks.

Food Rundown

French Onion Soup

The caramelized onions are hiding underneath of a bed of 30 layers of cheese. We appreciate both the crispy burnt edges of the cheese and the gooey middle.

Roger Ho
Onion Rings

It might seem like a good idea to get these for the table to snack on, but you’re better off saving room for the other stuff. They’re overly breaded and pale in comparison to the rosti - or even the Awesome Blossom at Chili’s.

Bacon, Soft Scramble, Boursin

The egg is the queen of breakfast, and with this dish, Bonhomie succeeds at paying its respects. The soft scramble comes sprinkled with bacon and sits atop a rosti throne. It’s pretty perfect.

Roger Ho
The Ultimate Breakfast Machine

A burger with two of the rosti patties instead of a bun, plus a fried egg and bacon on top. It’s like a ramen burger’s fancy French cousin that still loves to party. It’s a bit of a mess to eat, but definitely worth trying.

Steak Bavette

This is a nice cut of steak, served with ratatouille and onion rings on top. A solid option for dinner.

Roger Ho
Banana Split Profiteroles

Trust that all of the pastries here are going to be good - pastry is the chef’s original specialty. Also, trust that putting profiteroles on top of a banana is definitely a good idea.

Roger Ho
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