Aviary Wine & Kitchen

Aviary Wine & Kitchen, near Oltorf and Lamar, is bright and modern, but still feels equally accommodating to t-shirts or button-downs. It also has one of our favorite by-the-glass selections. You’ll find an excellent menu of reds, whites, and oranges from around the world (including a few local ones), plus a few coravin pours (more premium stuff by the half-glass). Bottles aren’t as cheap as other spots on this guide, but the overwhelming majority are still under $60. But we do love how they’re organized under celebrity categories. Want something rich, round, and lush? Try the Notorious B.I.G. section. Or maybe something odd and funky (Frank Zappa), or bright and lively (Robin Williams). If you’re hungry, the staff will help pair your pick with dishes ranging from more classic wine pairings—crudos, burratas, and tartares—to some more inventive ones, like pork jowl steaks and fried ajitama eggs. 

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