Where To Drink On The East Side

Our favorite bars in Austin’s best drinking neighborhood.
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For a long, long time, there was only one “6th Street” in Austin. And it was Dirty. But that’s no longer the case. Over the past few years, East 6th and the surrounding area has become the coolest place to drink in town. Whether or not you get excited about what’s new and hot, there’s no denying that there’s a high concentration of awesome bars around here.

So whether you’re finally ready to move on from your Dirty 6th routine, or you’re visiting Austin for the first time and want to know where the “cool people” drink, here are our favorite bars on the East Side.




East Austin

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Kitty Cohen’s may have a pool, but it’s nothing like Barton Springs or Deep Eddy. Instead of swimming laps or listening to screaming four-year-olds, you go to Kitty Cohen’s to dip your toes in the two-foot-deep water and drink cocktails with names like Bo Derek and Roman Holiday. With pink flamingo wallpaper, live music on Sundays, and rotating restaurant pop-ups, it’s one of our favorite spots to cool off on the East Side—no lifeguard required.

We’ve heard it’s not cool to bring alcohol to a pet store, so when you want to drink beer all day surrounded by dogs, head to Lazarus Brewing instead. They have a solid beer selection, plenty of bar seating, and a shady patio ideal for hanging with friends and slowly recruiting more people (and dogs) to join you. When everyone has had a few drinks and inevitably gets hungry, Lazarus serves tacos and sandwiches too.

For everyone who complains that Rainey Street just isn’t what it used to be, Lustre Pearl East is the solution. It’s the original bungalow that was uprooted from Rainey when they needed to make way for condos, but now with more outdoor space and way fewer UT students. Even though it’s further east than most places on this list, it’s worth the extra five minute bike or Uber ride. It’s never too crowded, but there are always enough people to make it feel like a house party you’d actually want to be at.

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Native Bar And Kitchen


Part coffee shop, bar, hostel, and coworking space, Native is a great spot to grab drinks before heading further east for the night, or if you’re on your way downtown for whatever reason. No matter what time of day you come here, there’ll be people working on their laptops, drinking at the bar, or plotting out which taco or barbecue spots to hit during their visit. It’s usually pretty low key, but expect a crowd if you come by on a Friday or Saturday night.

Nickel City is a dive bar where you can drink frozen cocktails, eat Detroit-style coney dogs, and completely avoid the sun. The music’s never too loud and they have lots of beer and cocktails to try out on a first date or when you come here to catch up with a friend. Stop by for a night cap if you live nearby or when you want to play pinball and avoid the crowds on Sixth.

Multitasking is great until you face plant while walking and texting simultaneously, but sometimes it works well and you end up with a place like Brew & Brew. It’s the kind of coffee shop/bar where you can network while being surrounded by “entrepreneurs,” custom motorcycle designers, and grad students avoiding working on their theses. Swing by during their daily Happy Hour for a post-work caffeine boost and to try any of the 30+ beers and ciders on tap.

The Liberty is one of the oldest bars on East 6th and while the warehouses that once surrounded it have been replaced by condos, it’s still one of the best places to drink on the street. Inside you can play pool or post up around the bar, or you can head to the backyard and grab a spot at one of the many picnic tables. You’ll run into someone you went on a Tinder date with three years ago while you wait in line at Golden Grill, but just say hi and offer them a fry, or do your best to completely avoid eye contact.

La Holly is a mezcal, tequila, and sotol bar located far enough down East 6th that you won’t come across too many birthday and bachelorette parties. While the back patio is where you should spend most of your time here, there’s also a long bar inside where you can do a proper mezcal tasting if that’s your sort of thing. There are taco trucks out back too, which means you can basically spend an entire afternoon or night here without having to leave.

Hidden under a bunch of trees in front of some train tracks on a side street, you’d probably never know Yellow Jacket Social Club was here. This divey spot isn’t just a great place for a low-key hang in the shade, though, they also serve a surprisingly great brunch. Start the day off with a frozen mimosa and the shrimp and grits and see where the afternoon takes you.

The all-mezcal bar upstairs is the reason you should check out Whisler’s, but the spacious patio downstairs and the option to snag some Golden Tiger from the truck will definitely keep you there for a while. Ideal for starting off an East 6th night, but no one in your group will complain if you end up shutting down the place either.

Violet Crown Social Club is a slightly divey bar on East 6th Street with draft beer, wine, cocktails, and a rotating frozen drink that’s almost impossible not to order during the summer months. There’s plenty of seating (and AC) inside, a large, shaded patio out back, and a front patio overlooking 6th Street that’s also home to a location of JewBoy Sliders

Not from Austin? Hosting an out-of-town friend? Generally looking for a fun night but don’t have a real agenda in mind? All are excellent reasons to go to White Horse, where it’s pretty impossible not to have a good time. It’s always crowded, and filled with all kinds of people - older Austin hippies, young tech people who just moved from San Francisco, former frat stars, and definite weirdos. That melting pot crowd, plus the always-solid live music, plus the actual honky tonk dancing that goes down, all make White Horse one of the best places to spend a night in Austin.

If you don’t mind a cover charge, Hotel Vegas is a good place to come if you’re looking for something a little rowdier (bordering on sh*tshow material). Loud live music (usually up and coming bands) inside, big scene on the back patio outside.

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$$$$Perfect For:Outdoor/Patio Situation

Shangri-La is one of the original East Side bars, and is still one of the most popular. Cheap drinks, a huge patio that’s good for making new friends, two pool tables, and a Happy Hour that runs late make this an easy choice for weeknights or a first stop on a weekend crawl.

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