St. Julep

Because we get tired of being serious all the time, the indoor/outdoor rooftop bar of The Sylvan hotel in Buckhead is the place we head to to unwind with a couple of cocktails and loaded tater tots after a day of pretending to be a professional person. Something about a spinning disco ball always relaxes our BRF muscles, plus it’s hard to beat eating vodka-spiked sorbet or tequila-mango soft serve and dancing to ’90s hip-hop with a perfect vantage point of the Buckhead streets. (Did we mention that the drinks are named after OutKast songs like “SpottieOttie” and “Return of the G”?) If you ultimately decide you’re not in the casual mood for corn dogs and other light snacks, head down to the hotel's other restaurants, The Betty, where you can eat more adult-y things like oysters, gnocchi, and steak, or the Willow Bar for small plates and wine.

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