You know the one seafood shack that everyone goes to in that small coastal city that never makes the “Prettiest Beach Towns” list? That’s been this crab-cracking staple by the airport for more than 40 years. Unapologetic about the sticky patio booths or the fact it sits hundreds of miles from an ocean, Spondivits ain’t a vibe, it’s a way of life for many Atlantans. But even in the dark dining space, we see why people dig it here—though pricey for the scene, the seafood isn’t bad. The shrimp and crab bucket is filling, flavorful, and pretty photogenic. You can’t lose with the generous surf and turf, either. Spondivits isn’t the place for a romantic dinner. But if you like your claws with a cold beer and old-ATL energy, you’ll love it here.