Rodney Scott's BBQ- Atlanta

Cueing up some Jeffery Osborne or Issac Hayes from your golden oldies playlist seems like a very necessary prerequisite before pulling up to the parking lot of Rodney Scott’s BBQ on the corner of Metropolitan Parkway and Bronner Brothers Way. Why? Because everything feels so f*cking soulful inside–from the creamy honey butter and hushpuppies to the collard greens seasoned with tender shreds of pork—so get into the groove before you even hit the door.

Once inside you can order at the counter before taking your seat on one of the many communal picnic tables, which all hold a set of house barbecue sauces and seasonings. The BBQ spot is well-known for Scott’s pit-smoked whole hog cooking style. That hog is all dished up in the form of ribs, pulled pork, and even crispy pig skins, which are served bare for you to dress with the sauce or table seasoning of your preference. Additionally, turkey, chicken wings, and beef brisket also get their turn on the pit. But when a forkful of smokey meat pairs with a drizzle of the vinegary Rodney sauce, then pucker up and prepare to start humming your favorite soulful love ballads.

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