Northside Tavern

A squat one-story building with metal bars affixed to the windows looks out of place amidst the trendy high-rises in the revamped West Midtown. But what some might label an eyesore, we call the best dive bar in Atlanta. We doubt there’s been any significant upgrades to the place in its 50-year history as a bar, and that’s fine with us. Inside, the walls are painted completely black so the space feels small—even though it houses a pool table, a few tables, and a small stage. But longevity aside, it's the live blues that makes this rowdy venue one of the city’s best nightlife destinations. Seven nights a week, there’s some local musician serenading a crowd of music lovers, tone-deaf drinkers, and anyone out just searching for a good time.

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photo credit: Mhandy Gerard

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