Lazy Betty

Located in the former Radial Cafe space in Candler Park, the innovative New American restaurant is one hell of a way to wow a date or flex on your out-of-town colleagues. Everything at Lazy Betty is fun, creative, and full of tasty surprises that make you say things like, “Wow, I never thought beef fat in my bourbon cocktail could be so good.”  But sending off the same casual energy as the former breakfast diner, Lazy Betty is far from the pretentious experience you might expect for a nearly $200 per person meal. There are dining tables with chairs and cozy couches draped with warm throws, understated decor pieces, and take-home bags of caramel popcorn that look like baby's first birthday party favors.

The award-winning restaurant offers a six- and eight-course tasting menu, and they even throw in a few additional treats, like a warm, not weirdly goey cheese biscuit that feels like a cuddle in your mouth. When you think you’re ready to tap out, you may have a hard time putting down your utensils when desserts like their corn mousse arrive at the table. Yes, that’s right, it’s ca-orn, but plated with a sweet and syrupy Peruvian corn tea, fluffy popcorn, and charred corn ribs.

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photo credit: Andrew Thomas Lee

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