KR SteakBar

Steaks in Peachtree Hills

    Perfect for
  • Corporate Cards
  • Date Night
  • Outdoor/Patio Situation
  • Small Plates

KR Steakbar is an Italian steakhouse that you should go to on a date, with a friend, or just when you’re especially hungry, so you can avoid the conundrum of, “Do I order steak or pasta?” You want both, trust us. Besides the food, it’s also KR Steakbar’s location and outdoor space that keep bringing us back here. Located between a string of galleries and a park in Peachtree Hills, the entire area is largely shaded by trees, which makes its patio one of our personal favorites. It’s quiet and you can eat spaghetti with clams and a ribeye outside while still staying cool. What’s not to like?

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