Just Loaf'n

Since this small, Mardi Gras-colored eatery sits in a gas station shopping center right off the Boulevard exit on I-20, it’s a convenient stop to gas up and grab a bite before hitting rush hour. With a long menu that ranges from muffulettas to seafood boils, Just Loaf’n comes through with big bayou energy. We’re fans of the oyster po’boy—the tangy remoulade spread balances perfectly with salty fried oysters, and the french bread is soft enough that we always finish our end pieces. Even the vegans in your krewe can get down with their faux shrimp platter, which comes with a heaping serving of Cajun-spiced fries and fried jackfruit that does a decent job imitating shrimp. And with a long list of snowball flavors, kids will love this pitstop, too.

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