Gigi’s Italian Kitchen & Restaurant

Started as a pop-up, Gigi’s now has permanent digs in Candler Park. With red gingham tablecloths, colored Christmas lights, wax-covered candelabras, and randomly incorporated plastic green vines, Gigi’s feels like a Quentin Tarantino diner scene at a Disney theme park Italian restaurant. It doesn’t take itself too seriously, but from the moment you sit down, there’s a  slow buildup of excitement—a six sense feeling from the smells and sounds of the open kitchen that some eventful sh*t is about to go down. And yes, and no. The flavors might not hit you over the head like a Tarantino fight scene, but you will really, really appreciate the stripped-down moments, like the tasty simplicity of the poached snapper and their fried, chewy polenta strips topped with cream and caviar.  The space can fit a cozy 25 to 30 diners at a time, so get here as soon as they open to secure a table since they don’t take reservations.