Emmy Squared

While the Westside has its share of pizza hotspots, Emmy Squared stands out for its chewy, pizza “thiccness” with crispy edges on perfect right angles and not-so-square topping options like smoked gouda, Impossible meatballs, and Nashville hot chicken. While it may not be our favorite pizza place in the city, we like having Emmy’s on rotation when we just want to be somewhere kinda chill to eat good pizza and fries—as opposed to pizza tavern chaotic or swarmed with someone else's kids

The New York-born Emmy Squared Pizza gained national popularity for a reason. Known for their Detroit-style pizzas and their burgers, the chain has two locations in Atlanta at West Midtown and Glenwood Park. The West Midtown space was once Octane Coffee shop, which was a go-to haunt for hours upon hours of free cafe wifi. Now, college students and families on pizza night outings join worker bees who just want to wind down with cocktails and everyone’s childhood trifecta of favorites—pizza, burger, and fries. You’ll have the option of takeout and delivery, but the dine-in option offers a come-as-you-are chill space with indoor, outdoor, and lowkey swanky bar seating where you can load up on wine and all the cheesy carb comforts you can handle.

Emmy Squared — West Midtown review image

There’s a reason Emmy is famous for its Le Big Matt Burger; it’s quite the handful and does all the right things in the taste department with double patties and melty cheese on a big pretzel bun. Order some of their seasoned, expertly crisped waffle fries to sop up any of the mayonnaise-based Sammy sauce that drips out of the burger. Don’t skip the crispy edges and buttery crust of the signature squared pizza. When you want something different, try the Hot Chicken, which comes with a few drizzles of their tangy white bbq sauce to pair with the heat of the hot sauce-flavored fried chicken and pickles. Pickles on a pizza, by the way, is another “don’t knock it til you try it” palate adventure. 

Important PSA…

[PSA]: For those of you who are still denying square pizza a second chance at redemption, it’s time to forgive the sins of the school lunch rooms that served barely edible bricks of dough sparsely sprinkled with suspect cheese. It’s time to try again. Things are better now.  [End PSA with scene of smiling kids].