The Best Restaurants In Inman Park

PHOTO: Andrea Behrends

There’s no greater Atlanta neighborhood to be eating in right now than Inman Park. Over the past decade, it’s gone from an area with one or two good restaurants to basically having every option you could want. And while you could never afford to live in one of the old Victorian houses here (it’s ok, we’re right there with you), this neighborhood has the perfect spot for just about any situation.

From an all-day Korean barbecue spot, to a few places to get tacos and some shade after a long run on the BeltLine, these are the best restaurants in Inman Park.

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The spots


Inman Park
299 N Highland Ave NE

Beetlecat is a seafood spot that serves everything from poke to tuna chorizo tacos to the same great lobster roll as their Westside sister restaurant, The Optimist. However, between the tiki drinks and The Den, their downstairs bar that was modeled after your grandparents’ basement, Beetlecat is a little more casual and somewhere you could just as easily go on a random Friday night as you could a date. They also have a donut brunch on the weekend, with cocktails, a few types of hashbrowns, and more donuts than you should ever try in one sitting.

Photo: Amy Sinclair

Sotto Sotto

Inman Park
313 N Highland Ave NE

There are plenty of Italian restaurants in Inman Park to choose from, but if you need somewhere for a big date or to celebrate the promotion you’ve not-so-patiently been waiting for, go to Sotto Sotto. Unlike most places on this list, Sotto Sotto has been around for a decade and in that time it’s become a go-to option for when you want to dress up a bit and eat great homemade pasta. If you still have room after trying out as many of the 13 pastas on the menu as possible, make sure to get the panna cotta for dessert.


Bread and Butterfly is about as close as you can get to a French bistro without leaving the neighborhood, or really Atlanta for that matter. This all-day spot next to Beetlecat has a big marble bar that’s conveniently located next to all of the pastries, but try to get a spot on the glass-encased patio instead if you can. Food-wise, the menu changes throughout the day, but the breakfast options, like their quiche, omelette, and crepes, are what we usually make it out of bed for.

Photo: Andrew Thomas Lee

Bartaco Inman Park

Inman Park
299 North Highland Ave NW Unit P

There are three Bartacos around the city, and just like the other two, the Inman Park location has a nice patio, great margaritas, and serves little tacos that you can easily eat three or four of (make sure to get the crispy duck). And if you’re with a friend who says they don’t want tacos because they already had them once this week, the ceviche and plantains are good picks too.

Photo: Andrew Thomas Lee

Victory Sandwich Bar is a great spot to sit on the patio, eat a few little sandwiches, and drink a whiskey Coke slushie. They serve nine different sandwiches, from the Tea Bird with spicy chicken and sweet tea mayo, to the vegetarian Beeter, each of which is small enough that you can easily eat two, especially if you spend a whole afternoon here. They also have a few sides, like smoked potato salad and cold sesame noodles. This place gets packed on the weekends, but if worse comes to worst, you can get a Vicnic basket to go, filled with everything you’ll need to eat elsewhere, and go sit in the park across the street instead.

Photo: Katherine Brennan

There are very few spots in Atlanta that you can go to for Korean barbecue and soju on a Friday night, and then go back for brunch on Sunday. In fact, there might only be one, and that’s Char. At night, this place gets packed with groups grilling bulgogi, splitting bibimbap, and snacking on things like brown sugar sesame fries and k-town poutine. On weekend mornings, however, this place serves things like Korean chicken and waffles and egg-topped kimchi fried rice. When you need a break from your routine brunch spot, this is the place to go.

Photo: Andrew Thomas Lee

The Albert

Inman Park
918 Austin Ave NE

Every neighborhood needs a place where you can get good bar food, a beer, and watch whatever game is on that you can’t find a way to stream at home. In Inman Park, that’s The Albert. Their burgers are great and what they’re best known for, but they also have solid appetizers, like their pimento cheese with sausage and smoked nachos, if you decide to stick around for the late game as well. Besides food, they carry 70+ beers, along with a variety of wine and cocktails, so no matter what you’re in the mood for, The Albert has you covered.


Inman Park
309 N Highland Ave NE

There are two main reasons to come to Fritti: the patio and the pizza. The outdoor space is well-shaded and while it’s usually packed, the patio’s big enough that you won’t have to wait too long for a seat. Pizza-wise, they have 25 different options on the menu, so regardless if you’re eating with your best friend who’s a vegetarian or your 10-year-old cousin that thinks that pepperoni is a requirement, everyone should be able to find something they want.


Inman Park
870 Inman Village Pkwy NE

Amara is a modern Indian restaurant from the same team as Tabla in Midtown. While it’s a little more casual than their first spot, Amara is still a great location for a group dinner, or to just come in solo and eat at the bar. Their menu includes a wide range of more traditional dishes, like biryani and tikka masala, along with four types of Indian bread. However, they also serve a few things that are just as Southern as they are Indian, like the thinly sliced fried okra and brussel sprouts with tamarind dressing, along with a wide range of Indian-inspired cocktails.

MF Sushi

Inman Park
299 N Highland Ave NE

MF Sushi isn’t somewhere you’re going to randomly think, “I want a spicy tuna roll, I guess I’ll go here.” However, when you want to spend a good amount on raw fish and feel incredibly well taken care of, this is where you should go. This place has a full menu of sushi nigiri and specialty rolls, along with appetizers like baked lobster tempura, and a whole selection of grilled vegetables and seafood too. But if you’ve already committed to spending a night here and money isn’t an issue, just reserve a spot at the seven seat omakase bar instead.

Photo: Alex Kinjo


Inman Park
753 Edgewood Ave NE

There are a lot of great restaurants in Inman Park, but BoccaLupo might be the one that makes you wonder if you can afford to live nearby. This small, super casual spot isn’t much more than a wraparound bar with a few tables, but that, along with the homemade pasta, is what makes this place so great. Everything on the menu is kind of Italian, but most of the dishes are slightly non-traditional in their own way, like the cacio e pepe that’s topped with fried pig skin, or the Southern fried chicken parm with creamy collards. Come with a few friends so you can try more of the menu, and while you’re at it, maybe convince them to move here, too.

Barcelona Wine Bar

Inman Park
240 N Highland Ave NE

The next time you’re planning a quadruple date, birthday party, or just want an excuse to drink a lot of sangria with some friends, go to Barcelona Wine Bar. Besides having one of the best patios in the neighborhood, they also offer a pre-fixe tasting menu for big groups, which ensures that you get to try a variety of tapas, along with some of the chef’s favorites, and skip the twenty minutes of trying to figure out if you’ve ordered enough small plates for your crew.

Il Localino

Inman Park
467 N Highland Ave NE

If you need a spot to go for your birthday before walking to Elmyr for a grizz or two, go to Il Localino. Besides serving some of the best pasta in the city, this place regularly plays loud disco music, has a ceiling covered in colorful paper lanterns, and gives you silly hats to wear that’ll make all of the photos from dinner just slightly better. The food’s great, they serve plenty of wine and cocktails, and there’ll be a few other birthdays going on around you whenever you go. This probably isn’t where you want to go on a random Wednesday, but Il Localino is the best place in the neighborhood to celebrate with a group.

Hampton & Hudson

Inman Park
299 N Highland Ave NE

When you wake up after having more than the “just one drink” that you and your friends agreed on the night before, go to Hampton + Hudson. This all-day spot serves Southern comfort food, along with non-Southern dishes, like pastrami hash and a great burger. But if you’re not feeling your best, go for the Hangover Fries, which are topped with pork verde chili, pickled mustard seeds, cheese curds, and an egg, and will give you the necessary fuel to eventually order a drink.

Photo: Hampton & Hudson

Pure Taqueria

Inman Park
300 N Highland Ave NE

There are three things you want after a long walk or run on the BeltLine: a cold margarita, a snack, and somewhere to sit in the shade. Luckily, you can find all of those things just a block away at Pure Taqueria. Besides having a big covered patio and serving great cocktails, their menu includes everything from empanadas to ceviche to tacos served in handmade corn tortillas. Grab a drink and recharge for a bit before you head back out on the trail, or just get a second round and make an afternoon out of it instead.

Photo: Peyton Sedgwick
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