Wijmpje Beukers

So you ignored us when we told you to make reservations ahead of time and are now wandering around aimlessly but not in the mood for a late-night kapsalon that comes with layers of fries, döner meat, and molten gouda cheese. You want an eetcafé, a Dutch bistro that caters to the neighbors and focuses on smaller menus, doesn’t take reservations, and in the case of Wijmpje Beukers, usually has ample space on a quiet, tree-lined street. Ease into their rotating menu with a cava or negroni, proceed to pretty appetizers like honey melon with fennel pollen and gazpacho, and get a main like a corvina fillet with bone marrow. Order an espresso martini nightcap and wilfully ignore our advice to plan ahead next time as an excuse to come back here.

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