d'Vijff Vlieghen

For a restaurant that calls itself a culinary museum, d’Vijff Vlieghen’s seems to cater to out-of-towners looking to experience something both Dutch but also safely familiar menu-wise: there are delicious but recognizable things like pan-fried fish, soup, roasted vegetables, and a duck breast. Depending on which of the individually-themed, 17th-century dining rooms you’re in, you might find original etchings by Rembrandt, chairs stamped with the names of famous celebrities who’ve sat in them, or antique suits of armor and Delft blue tiles adorning the walls. Choose as many dishes that contain Dutch ingredients as you can handle—there’s herring, gray shrimp, and ossenworst—and if you’re here with a crowd for dinner on a cool, autumn night, you’ll feel like you’re in your own private house at Hogwarts.

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