The Most Exciting Restaurant Openings In America

All of the restaurant openings across the country we're looking forward to in the spring, summer, and fall of 2022.

Like many years that came before it, tons of exciting things are happening in 2022. There's a new Girl Scout Cookie, lots of people are getting married (like a lot), and more restaurants are opening than we can keep up with.

This guide lists out some of the new spots across the country we’re most excited about. We think these restaurants are going to last, hopefully just like those wedding vows. You’ll find a queer supper club in NYC, a Filipino place in Atlanta, sandwich shops in Honolulu and Portland (the Oregon one), and many more.


New York City, NY
Expected opening: Spring 2022

The NYC punk-rock-but-make-it-vegetarian spot has always been a destination for exceptional veggie burgers and gelato that tastes like pure fruit. After being temporarily closed since November 2021, Superiority Burger is gearing up to reopen in a larger space that used to be a classic diner. The perks of a bigger restaurant? Being able to fit more than eight customers at once, legitimate seating, a full liquor license, and a revamped menu featuring more than just the standards we know and love—like crispy focaccia, fried tofu sandwiches, and a veggie burger that celebrates plants instead of imitating meat.  

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HAGS imageoverride image


New York City, NY
Expected opening: Spring 2022

This queer spot in NYC's East Village will seat about 20 people with a rotating menu—don’t call it a tasting menu, though. The food will focus on seasonal ingredients featuring some Southern techniques and flavors, and the whole place will have a potluck feel to it—recipes will be printed out and distributed, the menu might change on a whim, and there will absolutely be dancing. Overall, HAGS is positioning itself as a safe, queer space, with plans for programming like “Pay What You Can Sundays” in which a menu will be offered on a sliding scale.

HAGS Wants To Be NYC’s Best Version Of A Queer Potluck guide image

NYC Guide

HAGS Wants To Be NYC’s Best Version Of A Queer Potluck

Yess Aquatic is permanently closed

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Yess Aquatic imageoverride image

Yess Aquatic

Los Angeles, CA
Expected opening: TBD 2022

It seems like we’ve been waiting for LA food truck Yess Aquatic’s brick and mortar to open for about as long as we’ve been waiting for Frank Ocean to release new music. When they were operating as a Downtown truck, the locally sourced, line-caught fish blew us away with things like Nashville-style hot shark sandwiches, simply sauteed rockfish, kombu-infused drinks, and so much more. But they closed to focus on opening their new project (and did some full sit-down tasting menu meals along the way). The food will continue to draw from Japanese cuisine, as chef Junya Yamasaki ran a very popular Japanese spot in London.   

Los Angeles, CA
Expected opening: March, 31st 2022

There’s a reason why we’ve crowned the chef of LA's Pearl River Deli, Johnny Lee, the Prince of Poultry. PRD’s Hainan chicken consists of juicy cuts of poached, specially selected bird served on top of rice that’s been fluffed with chicken fat and a rich broth made from garlic, ginger, basil, lemongrass, and galangal. It’s delicious, so we’ve been highly anticipating their new, bigger location. There will be indoor and outdoor seating, along with some new additions to the menu—primarily Hong Kong-style breakfast items, like rice porridge, Asian crullers, seared daikon radish cakes, siu mai, and hot soy milk.

Meet LA’s ‘Prince Of Poultry’ feature image

LA Feature

Meet LA’s ‘Prince Of Poultry’

Pizzeria Bianco imageoverride image

Pizzeria Bianco

Los Angeles, CA
Expected opening: May 2022

When guys of Italian descent over the age of 50 make really good pizza, the food world loses its collective sh*t. And that's basically what's happening over at the LA location of Phoenix institution Pizzeria Bianco. The man behind it all, Chris Bianco, is planning a near replica of his Arizona restaurant in Downtown LA. The pizza is some of the best you can find in the country, with slightly leoparded crusts and simple but high-quality ingredients that highlight the light and airy dough. Much like our quest for a steady work-life balance, the project has been in the works for a couple of years after being delayed by the pandemic. The space will seat about 40 people, and will likely have a limited number of New York-style pies, bread, and other grab-and-go items that pull inspiration from the chef’s Phoenix sandwich shop, Pane Bianco.

San Francisco, CA
Currently Open

Several of SF’s fine dining restaurants (like Rich Table and Ernest) use produce and vegetables grown by K&J Orchard. Now, the owners of the farm (specifically known for their chocolate persimmons and juicy Asian pears) are opening their own restaurant. They started by buying the old Homestead space, which closed in 2021 (and was itself a farm-to-table spot). They've recently opened their restaurant in the same location in Oakland where they will finally step into the spotlight after years of supplying big names in the background—kind of like when singer/songwriters get their own album deals after writing for Katy Perry.

Berkeley, CA
Expected opening: Spring 2022

Continuing the traditions of the native people of Northern California's East Bay, Cafe Ohlone is reopening this spring at the University of California, Berkeley. Beyond just serving up dishes like fine black oak acorn soup, Ohlone salads, San Francisco Bay Dungeness crab, and king salmon for lunch and dinner, the cafe will be a place to learn about the indigenous culture over tea, participate in weekly language classes, and volunteer for food drop-offs to other members of the community. 

Le Select

Chicago, IL
Expected opening: Fall 2022

The Bulls haven’t been able to bring back Derrick Rose, but at least the popular Chicago restaurant group Boka has managed to win back Chicago native Daniel Rose, chef of Le Coucou in NYC, to help run Le Select. This brasserie is slated to open in the River North neighborhood sometime this fall with all the makings of a gigantic French spot. And like the Lollapalooza lineup, we're still waiting to hear about the finer details of Le Select (the menu, beverage program, etc.). 

Fox’s Lounge & Sherron Inn Liquors imageoverride image

Fox’s Lounge & Sherron Inn Liquors

Miami, FL
Expected opening: TBD 2022

The world has just never been the same since Harambe died and legendary Miami bar and restaurant Fox’s Sherron Inn closed in 2015. And while resurrecting a western lowland gorilla is certainly not in the cards (yet), it seems like we’ll finally see a revamped Fox’s in 2022. The original iteration was a relic of old Miami that opened in 1946, and was the kind of place where you would probably see Frank Sinatra, or some other gentleman with slicked-back hair, drinking a martini. The team that runs Tropezón wants to keep most of the classic spot the same by bringing back the red leather booths, captain's swivel bar chairs, and a ‘60s jukebox. That includes the food and drink menu as well, which will feature prime rib nights, French onion soup, and plenty of martinis and Manhattans. 

Philly, PA
Currently Open

There are a handful of gigantic restaurants in Philly, like Cicala, Butcher And Singer, and the recently opened Rex at the Royal. In 2022, Wilder joins that list as the Rittenhouse restaurant is three stories and 4,500 square feet. The project has been in the works for a couple of years, with owners who have worked at other Philly spots like Mission Taqueria and Oyster House, and you can expect a handful of wood-fired pizzas, creative (and non-alcoholic) cocktails, and raw bar options like oysters topped with salmon roe.  

MariPili Tapas Bar imageoverride image

MariPili Tapas Bar

Seattle, WA
Expected opening: May 2022

The biggest opening in Seattle to look out for is MariPili Tapas Bar, coming to Capitol Hill early this summer. While many are sad to lose Cafe Presse (MariPili is taking over the old space), the new Spanish restaurant looks to slide right into the neighborhood serving dishes like grilled octopus with broccoli and savory Galician flan, among bigger plates like bacalao with manchego gnocchi. The chef draws on her family ties to the Galicia region in Spain—with both the menu and the fishing nets that will hang from the ceiling.    

Waitsburg, WA
Expected opening: June 2022

Real tears were shed across Seattle when perpetually packed pasta spot Il Corvo closed in 2020. While lumache and farro spaghetti fans can head to Il Nido in West Seattle to try and recreate some of the magic (it's owned by the same team), they also have another option that’s admittedly a little farther away in Waitsburg. Bar Bacetto, named after the little kiss you give someone on the cheek as a greeting in Italy, looks to basically be Il Corvo with a bar, with an obvious focus on pasta but also produce sourced from Eastern Washington. They’re slated to open in summer 2022, so if you have a trip planned out to Walla Walla or some surrounding wineries, you might consider a pasta pit stop.

The Grey Diner

Austin, TX
Expected opening: Spring 2022

The Thompson and Tommie Hotels in Austin have two new projects from Mashama Bailey, the Savannah chef you might’ve seen on Chef’s Table. We're especially looking forward to Diner Bar, essentially a bigger version of her hit Georgia spot, that will include some dishes you’d find at the original location of The Grey, along with a cocktail bar setup featuring charcuterie and other snack items. If you simply cannot wait, or find yourself at either hotel craving Southern-inspired breakfast-y dishes, baked goods, or just need to grab some pimento cheese or pasta salad for your plane ride home, The Grey Market is now open in the lobby.

Atlanta, GA
Expected opening: April/May 2022

Opening in Atlanta's Buford Highway neighborhood in late spring, Kamayan ATL will be the first Filipino restaurant in the area—a neighborhood with the highest concentration of Asian restaurants in the city. But they’re planning to do a little more than serve lumpia, pancit, lechon, and regional dishes from the Bicol region using fresh, Southern produce. As a pop-up, they’ve been heavily involved in mutual aid, serving up meals to people in need, and they’ll look to continue those efforts—by hosting things like cooking classes and parol-making workshops on days they’re not open.

Washington DC
Expected opening: Fall 2022

The team behind one of DC’s best Caribbean restaurants, Cane, is about to open another spot called St. James. Named after the district in Port of Spain, Trinidad’s capital, St. James is going to feature not just Caribbean dishes, but also foods from East Indian and Chinese descendants, and Black Trinidadians. Look for this opening during fall 2022, and consider making plans to escape the swamp-like heat and cool off with a rum-based cocktail.

Portland, OR
Expected opening: TBD

Jojo is elite at two things: fried chicken sandwiches and not giving a single f*ck on Instagram. The Portland, Oregon food truck is finally going to get a brick and mortar sometime later this spring, and will continue serving outrageous sandwiches and their loaded fried potato jojos, but will also add items like boozy milkshakes, some brunch items, and more vegan options to choose from.

The Danforth

Hours:MONDAY8:00AM to 10:00PM
Portland, ME
Expected opening: June 2022

Portland, Maine lost one of its most exciting restaurants when Little Giant closed after the original owners sold the business in 2021. But there might just be room for a little excitement as the new buyers are Gin & Luck Hospitality Group a.k.a. the people who run one of our favorite cocktail bars in NYC where it’s worth waiting two hours for the best $20 cocktail of your life. Besides the announcement of the name (The Danforth), there’s been little news since Little Giant closed in fall 2021. But it seems like they'll reopen for the summer season so we can stop by after we’ve spent hours downing beers at the nearby Ruski’s Tavern. 

Casa Bonita

$$$$(303) 232-5115
Hours:MONDAY11:00AM to 9:00PM
Denver, CO
Expected opening: TBD 2022

The creators of South Park and one of Denver’s most well-known chefs (Dana Rodriguez) are linking up to revive Casa Bonita, and, well, we’re listening. This gigantic restaurant and water park that opened in 1974 was the kind of kitschy place where you could eat sopapillas and mediocre Mexican food while watching cliff divers—basically, like what would happen if you combined Chuck E. Cheese, Rainforest Cafe, and Border Grill, but with the entertainment elements turned up a notch. The new version promises to be more of the same. You can drink cocktails while you watch the cliff divers, eat dishes like those sopapillas and enchiladas made with homemade tortillas, and enjoy any of the details that have made this chain a classic: a robotic gorilla, a large arcade with skeeball machines, and the haunted Black Bart’s Cave.   

Honolulu, HI
Currently Open

Honolulu’s most coveted sandwiches, like pastrami cheeseburgers and fried chicken po’boys, come from E.A.R.L.—a spot with two locations in Kaka’ako and Kaimuki. The original location of E.A.R.L. has turned into a burrito shop called Roritos, named after the owner’s brother who—like many of us—has always dreamed of opening a burrito shop. You’ll be able to choose from three different proteins (brisket barbacoa, carnitas, and chicken verde), but the shop will also serve rotating specials like a chile relleno burrito, quesadillas, and tortas.

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