Introducing IYKYK, A Zine From The Infatuation feature image


Introducing IYKYK, A Zine From The Infatuation

The first issue celebrates cha chaan teng, Hong Kong-style diner food.

Emily Ng here, the Art Director at The Infatuation. I’ve been working on a fun project for a bit now that I am so excited to share with y’all. We made a limited-release zine called IYKYK: And If Not, Now You Do, and it’s on sale now.

First, some more about me and why I wanted to do this. I eat a lot of food. I like art. (Makes sense I have this job.) And, I am a second gen Chinese-American - my parents immigrated from Hong Kong and Southern China. Growing up, I never really embraced my hyphenated identity. But over time, I came to understand how having one is such a special thing that should be celebrated. The one thing I never shied away from embracing was the food. Because let’s be real, it’s too good to ever deny.

Hong Kong in particular is such a melting pot of food and culture, with so much more to offer beyond dim sum. I’ve noticed that many cuisines are often boiled down to one dish or cuisine. Indian food = curry, Mexican food is just tacos, the list goes on. So many cuisines from across the world are marginalized in food media, relegated only to holiday specific recipes or singular pieces for the sake of diversifying content. Well, that ain’t enough. We deserve the whole fucking magazine.

Introducing IYKYK, A Zine From The Infatuation feature image

I’m proud to bring you IYKYK, a limited-release zine for people to learn about foods they may not know about and also instill pride and excitement in those who do. The first issue is very personal to me and all about cha chaan teng, Hong Kong-style diner food. Making this issue brought me so much closer to my HK heritage. I got to talk to and work with so many amazing artists and chefs along the way, curating and commissioning art pieces all rooted in and inspired by a beloved cuisine. And, a portion of sales of IYKYK will also benefit Welcome To Chinatown, a grassroots initiative developed to support Chinatown businesses and amplify community voices.

Order IYKYK now

The first 250 orders will get an extra goodie (!!!) — a dope sticker from artist Christina Young (The Bao Bae Shop). And, if you sign up as a Friend of The Infatuation, you’ll get free shipping for the zine and access to a virtual Drink & Draw event with Christina and I this month.

I’m really excited for y’all to see IYKYK. If you know something we should know about, please tell us at We want to know!

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