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5 Restaurants Cookbook Author Catherine McCord Would Travel The World For

Weelicious founder and cookbook author Catherine McCord on her favorite restaurants around the world, from Reykavik to LA.

Welcome to Perfect For, an Infatuation series of ultra-specific restaurant recommendations from people around town you don't know personally, but might wish you did.

It might seem counterintuitive that someone who literally wrote the book on meal prepping loves going out to eat. But even parents whose kitchens look more like a French brigade than a microcosm of their toddler’s latest hyperfixation deserve a break for dinner. 

For Weelicious founder and Meal Prep Magic author Catherine McCord, dining out means enjoying a night off from making meals that even the pickiest kids (or, let's be honest, adults) would enjoy. Plus, it's an opportunity to introduce her family to dishes that aren’t in her own regular rotation.

These are the spots Catherine (and occasionally, her kids) love around the world, like a three-hour tasting menu she enjoyed with her 13-year-old in Peru, plus a hidden wine bar for when you just want to quietly sip on a glass by yourself.


“Before I visited, I had been told Iceland wasn’t known for the food, but Rok in Reykjavik uses local, seasonally-inspired, innovative dishes like lemon-cured salmon and cured reindeer. Located in a cavernous, old-world building, the vibe here is booming with locals flooding in the door day and night.”

“If you close your eyes when you’re eating at Il Posto Accanto in NYC, you would swear you’re in Rome. With twinkly lights above you, don’t miss the most simple yet crowd-pleasing grilled calamari, spaghetti with bottarga, and meatballs like your grandmother made.”


Central in Lima has been on my bucket list for years. I took my 13-year-old daughter there for a three-hour meal that we talked about for days. We went for the 14-course tasting, which takes you on a culinary adventure around South America, tasting indigenous foods that become edible art. Don’t miss the massive table at the front or the gardens out back where you can learn about the raw ingredients on your plate.”

“Fortunately I don’t have to get on a plane to visit All Time in LA, but I would just to eat the farmers market-forward menu. The staff is as knowledgeable and kind as they come, with a vibrant outdoor space filled with flowers, chandeliers, and fun. [I love] the Good Ass Salad, branzino, and Ashley’s ragu. There’s a secret wine bar attached that’s the perfect place to perch for a well-curated list of wines by the glass.”

“Instead of having a big wedding, we got married at Blue Hill in New York City (one of the greatest dinners of my life) with a small party for friends at Stone Barns. Every time I’m in NYC I drive up to Stone Barns to see what magical creations chef Dan Barber has whipped up. There's something truly special about eating at a restaurant where the majority of what’s on your plate comes from the region and the actual farm which it resides on. Every morsel is made from scratch and the stories told on how the dishes are created makes it one of the most unique culinary experiences I’ve known.”

“I’m a firm believer that everything tastes better in Paris, and L’Ami Jean is one of those not-so-secret gems that takes your taste buds on a trip around France and back again. The grilled octopus and creamy rice pudding are two favorites created in the open kitchen with Stephane Jego at the helm. The first time I went was with my then 8-year-old daughter, who I caught licking her plate after devouring pulled pork. Need I say more?”

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