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Los Angeles - May 19, 2018


From West Hollywood to Silver Lake to Venice, this Thai food mini-empire is taking over LA. And now they’re bringing the party to EEEEEATSCON.

Russ & Daughters

This 104-year-old NYC legend is coming to LA to feed you all the bagels and lox you can eat in a day.

Cento Pasta Bar

The beet spaghetti you can normally only get for lunch in a DTLA wine bar will be in Santa Monica for one day only. This is the best pasta in LA you probably haven’t had.


This iconic Brooklyn pizza spot will be popping up and serving our favorite NYC pizza at EEEEEATSCON. Try them and decide whether or not spicy honey on pizza is the greatest invention of the last 10 years.

Wexler's Deli

Proving that everyone who says the West Coast doesn’t have great Jewish delis is wrong.

Lunasia Dim Sum House

For one day only, you won’t have to go to the San Gabriel Valley to eat the best dim sum in Los Angeles.

Liholiho Yacht Club

The Infatuation SF's highest-rated restaurant is coming to LA for the first time. Expect ridiculously good Hawaiian-inspired food.


Definitely the best tortillas, and probably the best tacos, on the Westside.

Porto's Bakery & Cafe

The pride and joy of SoCal (Portos’ guava pastries) are coming to the Westside for the first time.

Han Dynasty

Han Dynasty makes the best dan dan noodles in Philadelphia and NYC. Now, for the first time ever, they’re coming to Los Angeles for EEEEEATSCON.

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse

These guys are behind such creations as the cruffin, the churro croissant, and other actually quite ingenious hybrid pastries.

Sweet Rose Creamery

Whether you’re a classic chocolate person or a “put as much weird stuff as possible in there” person, ice cream doesn’t get much better than Sweet Rose.

NoMad Truck

Truffle-stuffed chicken burgers and the best soft serve you’ll find in LA. This EEEEEATSCON 2017 MVP is back for a victory lap.

Bluestone Lane

Because everyone knows Australians make the best coffee.

Shake Shack

Do we really need to explain this one?


If you’re going to eat a salad at EEEEEATSCON, it better be a great one. Which is why Sweetgreen will be on the premises.

Parson’s Chicken & Fish

Parson’s is bringing its frozen cocktails and fried chicken from Chicago. Which, unlike deep dish, are things we can all agree are excellent.

RT Rotisserie

San Francisco’s RT Rotisserie will be here to ruin all other rotisserie chicken for you.


You probably know Sweetfin for their poke bowls, but they’re bringing something new to EEEEEATSCON.

Homegirl Cafe

Homegirl is a farm-to-table Latin restaurant run by Homeboy Industries, an organization that provides training for former gang members to find careers in the hospitality industry. 100% of proceeds from Homegirl support the organization.


The fried chicken sandwich from the team behind Momofuku in NYC and now Majordomo in LA.

The Rose

One of Venice’s best restaurant hangs is coming to EEEEEATSCON.


Handmade Italian dumplings from Brooklyn. Ravionly packs epic flavor combinations into delicious little squares of pasta. The recipes came straight from Nonna, so you better eat them all. You don't want to upset Nonna…

Smitten Ice Cream

If you want to eat ice cream and pretend to be a mad scientist at the same time, you'll want to try Smitten and their made-to-order liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Williams Family Kitchen x Baby Blues BBQ

Based on the recipes of Pharrell Williams’ father, the Williams Family Kitchen brings their signature NONO Sauce to EEEEEATSCON, cooking up something bangin’ with Venice’s Baby Blues BBQ.


Los Angeles - May 19, 2018

The Spencer Lee Band

You’ve probably heard Spencer Lee’s music on TV without even realizing it. He’s currently at work on his debut release, and in training for all the food he’ll be having at EEEEEATSCON.

Gavin Turek

LA native Gavin Turek is one of those people you’ll tell your grandkids you saw before she was famous. She’ll be playing her electro-R&B music and getting even your least fun friend to dance at EEEEEATSCON.

Centennial High School Marching Band

You might have heard of Centennial High because your Mom saw them on Ellen or your friend saw them in a Kendrick Lamar video but either way, they're going to make you wish you were in a marching band.

Mr. Sonny James

Your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ? It’s probably Mr. Sonny James. He’s performed all over the world, including for a guy you might have heard of named Barack Obama. That was probably a peak moment, but he also hasn’t DJ’d at EEEEEATSCON yet.

Orange Calderon

Orange Calderon is a DJ, Producer, Actress, and Host. She’s opened for artists like Skrillex and Outkast, has her own Dash Radio show “The Juice,” and was the first woman to curate for TIDAL’s “DJ Selector” series.


Los Angeles - May 19, 2018

Missy Robbins
Missy is an award-winning chef and restauranteur whose Brooklyn restaurant, Lilia, is one of our favorite places to eat pasta in NYC/the world. Missy is also an author, having recently published Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner... Life: Recipes and Adventures from My Home Kitchen. She will join EEEEEATSCON for a Q&A discussion about finding work/life balance in a grueling industry.
Chris Sayegh
Chris is one of the leading cannabis infusion chefs and owner of The Herbal Chef, a fine dining catering company and meal prep service with the goal of leaving a positive impact on the world through food.
Saru Jayaraman
Saru Jayaraman is the Co-Founder and President of the Restaurant Opportunities Centers United, an organization working to improve wages and working conditions for restaurant staff across the country. She’s also the Director of the Food Labor Research Center at University of California, Berkeley, was recognized as a Champion of Change by the White House in 2014, and received a James Beard Foundation Leadership Award in 2015. Lastly, she’s also written a couple of books, most recently Forked: A New Standard for American Dining.
Robert Egger
Robert is the founder and president of L.A. Kitchen, which recovers locally sourced, cosmetically imperfect fruits and vegetables to fuel a culinary arts job training program for men and women coming out of foster care and returning from incarceration. Robert speaks throughout the country and internationally on the subjects of hunger, sustainability, nonprofit political engagement and social enterprise, and we're excited to welcome him to EEEEEATSCON.
Arlin Crane
Homeboy Industries, where Arlin is the Director of Social Enterprise for the Culinary Division, provides mentorship to former gang members and the previously incarcerated. Through initiatives like their Homeboy Bakery and Homegirl Cafe, they offer hospitality training and mentoring, and serve many delicious baked goods.
Betty Porto
Betty Porto was born in Cuba and migrated with her family to California in 1971, where they opened Porto’s Cafe, a.k.a. the main reason we’ll sit in traffic on the 134. In 2005, Betty was named Latin Business Woman of the Year.
Nicolas Jammet
Nic Jammet is Co-Founder & Chief Concept Officer of Sweetgreen. In 2015, First Lady Michelle Obama selected Nicolas for the Presidential Delegation to EXPO 2015, an international summit to discuss global nutrition and health as well as sustainable food solutions. He has been recognized as a key innovator in food and business, named to Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business,” Inc.’s “30 Under 30”, Forbes’ “30 Under 30” and Food & Wine’s “40 Big Food Thinkers 40 and Under”.
Bricia Lopez
Bricia Lopez is a partner at Guelaguetza, one of the best places for Oaxacan food in LA, and one of our favorite restaurants in Los Angeles. In 2015, Guelaguetza was awarded the American Classics award from the James Beard Award Foundation. Bricia and her sister Paulina also host a parenting podcast, Super Mamás Podcast.
A/J Jackson
A/J is the frontman of indie-pop band Saint Motel and a guy who’s spent a lot of time on the road - headlining shows, supporting bands like the Arctic Monkeys, and performing at a little festival you might have heard of named Coachella. All of that means he’s had more than a little experience at eating while on tour and plenty of stories he’ll be sharing at our Tour Bus Kitchen panel, talking about life on the road.
Camilla Marcus
An artist and chef with a background in business development, law, and investing, Camilla has helped bring to life some of New York’s beloved neighborhood restaurants, including dell’anima, and the reopened Union Square Café. Formerly the Director of Business Development for Union Square Hospitality Group, Camilla is the co-founder of TechTable, a platform looking at the intersections between hospitality and technology, and the owner of West~Bourne, a cafe in SoHo.
Josh Russ Tupper
Josh is a fourth generation co-owner of 104-year-old Russ & Daughters, NYC's most legendary appetizing shop, a.k.a. lox and bagels emporium. Along with his cousin, Niki Russ Federman, Josh took the business over in 2009, and in 2014 the two opened Russ & Daughters Cafe, followed by Russ & Daughters at The Jewish Museum in 2016, with a forthcoming Russ & Daughters at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to open later this year. Before joining the family business, Josh was an engineer working in semiconductors. Appetizing just sounds more fun.

Justin Warner
Justin is best known as the winner of the eighth season of Food Network Star. Since then he has written a cookbook, The Laws of Cooking and How to Break Them, and continues to serve as a host, judge, and competitor on Food Network and beyond.
Tina Farris
Tina has had a long career as a tour manager for legends like The Roots, Chris Rock, Nicki Minaj, and Queen Latifah. Originally a high school teacher, she accepted an offer to tour manage for her favorite band The Roots, and quickly became a logistics and production wizard for acts like Pharrell, Lauryn Hill, and The Internet. Working in a male-heavy profession, Tina is dedicated to empowering women intergenerationally through DECADES, the mentorship organization she founded.
Sweater Beats
Sweater Beats is the R&B-infused dance project of Antonia Cuna, an LA-based, Philippines-born EDM musician. He released his debut single, “MLLN DLLR” in 2012, and followed it with his Cloud City EP in 2014. In addition to producing remixes of artists like Kimbra and Flume, and touring alongside Chance the Rapper and Chet Faker, he just released a new single titled “Faded Away.” He will talk about his food experiences on the road as part of EEEEEATSCON's Tour Bus Kitchen panel.
André Hueston Mack
André is one of the top professionals in the wine industry. He was a sommelier at The French Laundry, helped open Per Se in NYC, and was the first African American to be named Best Young Sommelier in America. In 2007 André founded Maison Noir Wines, which produces 40,000 cases a year and can be found in restaurants and stores in 45 states and 11 countries. André is currently writing a memoir centered around wine.
Jake Smollett
Jake is the resident chef on the Rachael Ray Show, the host and executive producer of Smollett Eats, and a judge on Chopped Jr. A former actor, he’s traveled the world with his brother, singer Jussie Smollett, and will be talking about his experiences eating on the road as a part of the Tour Bus Kitchen panel.
Emma Toshack
Emma is the founder and CEO of Nomadica Wine, a craft canned wine company based in LA. Before Nomadica, Emma worked at The Boston Consulting Group, Bridgewater Associates, Hello Alfred, and Snapchat. And all of that came after her time as the head chef at a modern Australian restaurant in her hometown of Sydney, and as a dressage trainer at a riding stable.
Scott Norton
Scott Norton is co-founder of Sir Kensington’s, the company that makes the ketchup and mayonnaise you bought because of the guy with the moustache on the front, and then realized were way better than the ketchup and mayo you’d been eating all your life. And you weren’t the only one - earlier this year, Sir Kensington’s was acquired by Unilever. Scott has been named one of Fast Company’s “Most Creative People in Business” and listed on Forbes’ “30 Under 30.” Before Sir Kensington’s, he began his career at Lehman Brothers in Tokyo and travelled across 23 countries on a folding bicycle.
Koel Thomae
Koel is the co-founder of Noosa yoghurt. On a trip home to Australia, Koel discovered a locally made yoghurt at a corner shop, and one taste sparked an obsession that led her to found Noosa in 2009. Today her yoghurt is sold in over 25,000 stores nationwide, and Koel continues to be instrumental in the brand’s growth. She’s involved in the day-to-day operations, shapes company culture, and has grown her team to over 200 people, all while traveling the world to draw inspiration for Noosa’s new flavors which now total 30+ options.