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  1. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    An absolute classic. It hardly gets better than L'Artusi, and that's been the case for a long time.

  2. Photo Credit: Nicole Franzen

    You don't need us to tell you that Gramercy Tavern is an incredible restaurant. But you might need us to tell you that the bar is really the move you want to make here, and you want to make it often.

  3. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    We’re throwing down a serious stamp of approval on Post Office, a tiny whiskey bar in Williamsburg. The spot you might easily overlook is serving ridiculously next-level dishes.

  4. Welcome to not only one of Steinthal's all-time favorite restaurants, but one that began his romance with eating. Specifically, eating wings.

  5. Kajitsu


    Kajitsu is such a special place that it deserves to be part of the conversation when it comes to essential New York restaurants. And at its new location in Murray Hill, it's able to start to get the recognition it truly deserves.

  6. Betony


    Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    A year after our initial review, we check back in on Betony, already one of our favorite fine dining destinations in New York City. We'd rather do our fine dining here than almost anywhere downtown. Or uptown for that matter.

  7. A $5 slice is not something we are particularly comfortable with. For a slice to justifiably cost that much money, it should probably either be topped with some kind of delicious and rare animal meat (panda?), or be the last f*cking slice of PIZZA in the world. The $5 slice of pizza at Di Fara is neither. But it is the best pizza in New York.