It’s about time we got to Roberta’s. It is, after all, a ridiculously cool restaurant run by former musicians with a radio station in the back. But for about two years, I thought this was a soul food destination in a part of Brooklyn that I also thought was where the airport was. I should probably look at a map/the internet more often.

So while I was a bit disappointed to learn that Roberta’s would not be another place for me to get delicious fried chicken and red velvet cake, I was very excited to find that this is basically a hipster’s Chuck E. Cheese. The restaurant has everything a self respecting Brooklynite could ever want – a big wood burning oven, a self-sustaining roof garden, loud music, communal tables, craft beers, pizza – I kind of expected to see a ball pit made just for dudes in short shorts out back. But the most impressive thing of all is how incredibly good our meal was here. We had some of the best pizza we’ve ever had at Roberta’s, and that’s after being hyped like crazy on the place. Somehow, the food actually might be better than what you’ve heard. Don’t believe me? Just take a look at Yelp. Not even those crazies can find a reason to whine about this place, and they get upset if a waiter blinks too often or forgets to recognize their “eliteness.” Just know going in that you’re going to wait for a table, and you should come away very happy. Also, make sure to get there before the summer is over. Roberta’s has one of the best Outdoor/Patio Situations in town.

Food Rundown

White and Green Pizza
A delicious pizza with mozzarella, arugula, lemon and parmigiano. We loved a pizza piled high with greens, and this one did not disappoint.

Rainbow Connection Pizza
Another pizza with some greens, this one consists mostly of wilted rainbow chard and mozzarella, with some garlic and breadcrumbs thrown in for good measure. It was a split decision at the table…that chard has a little bitterness to it that some like and some don’t. I would hit something else next time.

Axl Rosenberg Pizza
Holy sh*t. This is one of the best pies we’ve eaten anywhere. Tomato, mozzarella, double garlic, mushrooms, jalapeños, and sopressata picante all combine for what tastes like the best supreme pizza ever. Those jalapeños make it. An absolute must order, even if you’re scared of spicy.

Black Truffle Agnolotti
We decided to try some pasta to go along with all that pizza, and this black truffle dish was the winner. It’s a small plate of delicate pasta, and it’s heavy on the butter and truffles, but we liked it. That shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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