Georgia's East Side BBQ

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ

Georgia is so hot right now, and we’re not talking about Real Housewives of Atlanta, we’re talking about BBQ. A couple of years ago, when BBQ was all the rage in NYC, a tiny goldmine unceremoniously opened its doors on the Lower East Side. If you haven’t heard about Georgia’s already, it’s time to take notice.

Georgia’s Eastside BBQ has the best ribs in town, hands down. You heard that correct. They’re in a different league than Dinosaur BBQ. They take RUB to town. They destroy Hill Country, and even surpass Blue Smoke and perennial favorite Daisy May’s. The best part about the whole situation – it’s cheap. Everything on the menu is under $20. You can get a nice helping of St. Louis style pork ribs with two sides for $19. That’s good stuff. Their sandwiches are all less than $10 a pop, while beers are all $5 and under. Hell, this is cheaper than Texas. A few things to be aware of before you go – Georgia’s is cash only, so come prepared. Also, they don’t have their own bathroom. Luckily, The Sixth Ward across the street gladly offers up use of their facilities.

Food Rundown:

Slow cooked for hours and prepared in Georgia’s secret spice rub, this is the signature attraction and reason to make the trip to the LES. Tender, moist, and literally falling off their respective meat-racks, these ribs are big on pig, small on bone, and huge on flavor.

Pulled Pork Sandwich
At $8 you can’t go wrong. In fact, you usually pay more for crappy bodega meat in this city. Luckily, Georgia’s offers you the chance to put your money towards something a bit more appetizing. Not a huge portion, but as an alternative to ending up in a rib induced coma, this is the move.

BBQ Chicken Sandwich/Dinner
Georgia’s BBQ doesn’t only work magic on ribs, they kill it with their chicken as well. We’re huge fans of their chicken sandwich and the chicken dinner, which for $13 gets you three big pieces of BBQ chicken and two sides, is great too. Hell yeah.

French Fries
Not too skinny, not too fat, and fried to a crisp, these are an ideal potato to accompany a plate of BBQ. These baskets of fries are pretty big and can easily be shared unless you need them all to yourself – you fatty.

Balance is key in coleslaw and Georgia’s nails it. This one is not too wet, not too dry, and the flavor is just right.

Green Beans with Bacon
Georgia’s rotates special sides daily so make sure you pay attention. One of our favorites are the bacon soaked green beans.

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