Blue Ribbon 97 Sullivan Street

Blue Ribbon Brasserie

Blue Ribbon Brasserie somehow feels overlooked lately. Maybe it’s because the flagship of the Blue Ribbon Restaurants is nearly seventeen years old. Maybe it’s because they open a new restaurant, sushi bar, bakery, or bowling alley every six months (all to critical acclaim) like they’re in an expansion race with Panera Bread Company. Either way, it’s time someone shined a light back on the patriarch of the family.

Blue Ribbon Brasserie is famous for a few things. The kitchen is open nightly until 4:00am, which makes it the most gangster of gangster late night eating options. The raw bar is one of the best in New York City, and whether you are getting down on some hard shell crab or half a dozen oysters, you’re going to be happy. Blue Ribbon also does an incredible fried chicken, often the sole motivating factor for an Infatuation visit. That being said, the most impressive thing about Blue Ribbon Brasserie is its consistency. The service is without exception the best in the city. Everyone on the nightly payroll is invested in you having a great meal, and it shows, yet the attention is never overbearing. The menu doesn’t really change aside from the specials, and whatever your go-to item, it will be exactly as you remember it, even if years pass between visits. The bottom line is that Blue Ribbon Brasserie is a perfect example of why it’s great to live in New York City…bone marrow and fried chicken at 3:00am. Damn it feels good to be me.

Food Rundown

Raw Bar
Hit this and hit it good. The oysters are always fresh and amazing. Anything crab related is a winner, as are the scallops.

Beef Marrow & Oxtail Marmalade
This is a signature dish at Blue Ribbon Brasserie, and most nights you will see this platter of beef shanks sitting on at least five tables. Scoop some marrow and a bit of oxtail marmalade onto a piece of toast, add a little coarse salt, enjoy. Guaranteed to satisfy cravings that you didn’t know you had.

Fried Chicken
Served with mashed potatoes, collard greens, and honey, just writing about this is making me crave it…it’s only midnight after all…I could be seated and eating by 1am.

Striped Bass
A nice piece of bass with red peppers and garlic. This is probably my favorite fish option on the regular menu. You won’t regret ordering this dish, but it can be tempting to be more adventurous.

Hanger Steak
Hanger steaks, skirt steaks, flank steaks…we love them all and this is another good one.

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