Perfect For: Classic Establishment

  1. A $5 slice is not something we are particularly comfortable with. For a slice to justifiably cost that much money, it should probably either be topped with some kind of delicious and rare animal meat (panda?), or be the last f*cking slice of PIZZA in the world. The $5 slice of pizza at Di Fara is neither. But it is the best pizza in New York.

  2. Many of us tri-state area Jews have fond memories of summer camp. We’re shipped off into the middle of nowhere Pennsylvania to learn how to fend for ourselves. Being peer pressured into pulling pranks, lighting firecrackers, smoking weed, and of course, going on bunk raids to steal all the girl’s bras and proudly display for […]

  3. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    Joe's is the best slice of pizza in NYC. It's been like that forever and will remain that way for eternity.

  4. Photo Credit: Noah Devereaux

    There's something about pounding cheap beers and burgers here that makes you feel like anything is possible. When we finally decided it was go time for "Immaculate" Infatuation, we were sitting in Corner Bistro. A great burger, and a classic establishment.

  5. Raoul's


    Raoul's is the sh*t. This French bistro has been a Soho institution since the 70’s, and if you can't have a good time here, you probably can't have a good time anywhere.

  6. Keens is as Old New York as you can get. Open since 1885, this place is loaded with history. It's pretty much the Museum of Natural Meat Eating History.