Cuisines: Molecular Gastronomy

  1. Atera


    No matter how appealing eating a forest might sound to you, the food at Atera is not quite worth the hefty price tag. This is an incredibly interesting restaurant, and Chef Lightner is very talented. The service is incredible, the drinks are good, and it’s a really nice room. But the meal here is simply too hit and miss.

  2. Alder


    At Alder, the space is beautiful, the cocktails tremendous, and the molecular gastronomy ambitious. Despite this, the inconsistency of the menu and f*cking crazy noise levels left us less enthralled than most.

  3. Manzanilla attempts to get the New York crowd finally taking Spanish cuisine seriously. Acclaimed Spanish chef Dani García’s flair for the unexpected impressed, yet his failure to execute the simple stuff flopped.