Shannon Elizabeth will always hold a place in the, uhh, hearts of men in their late twenties and early thirties. All us fellas have fond memories of the first time we laid eyes on her back in 1999 as Nadia, the exchange student from the original American Pie movie. She changed our lives with that webcam strip tease. And what better time to check in with Shannon around the release of American Pie Reunion, which Nadia obviously has a cameo in.

We learned there’s a lot more to Shannon Elizabeth than we initially realized. She’s super cool, plays poker, and is really down to earth. Shannon recently launched her own jewelry line with her cousin called “Shansen.” As a matter of fact, we just put an order in for matching Stang & Steinthal turkey leg ankle bracelets for summer time. See you on the beach.

When you’re a gluten-free vegetarian like Shannon, dining out can be challenging. However, she enjoys navigating around that, and as you can tell by her restaurant picks below, also likes to have a good time. She’s spent a lot of her life in NYC, eating at all of her favorite party time and veggie time restaurants, and would move here permanently if there was a Manhattan apt big enough to house her five dogs.

To keep up with Shannon, make sure you’re following her on Twitter and check out her personal blog, This Wondrous World.

Shannon’s “Perfect For” Picks


La Esquina (106 Kenmare St.) – “I’m from Texas, and I love any kind of Mexican style food. It’s fun to go through the deli, down the stairs into the hidden chamber that is La Esquina. It’s my favorite place in New York to eat. On my birthday last year, I went here, and it’s just one of those places where the food is always amazing. It’s a bit of a splurge to go there and get in, but it’s always reliable for a good time and an amazing meal. It’s a diet splurge too – I eat things I normally wouldn’t eat. My faves are the grilled corn and the queso fondito. I was just there last week, and they brought out an amazing chocolate souffle that was to die for. ”

Impressing Out of Towners

Beauty & Essex (146 Essex St.) – “I love hidden kinds of places, and entering through the pawn shop here is really cool. I think the vibe here is great. Any time you go into a restaurant bathroom and they hand you a glass of champagne, that’s impressive. The food is great and they’ll go out of their way to make you something vegetarian if you’re a veggie like me. Also, the desserts are ridiculous. The butterscotch pot de creme and the molten chocolate bread pudding. Wow.”

Date Night

Candle 79 (154 E 79th St.) – “My kind of date night is a vegan place called Candle 79. They have a beautiful candlelit vibe and everything there is vegan/organic and the restaurant itself is very green as they’re always trying to minimize their carbon footprint. I like everything there, but for me I have to go gluten free and they have a separate gluten free menu which is amazing. They make traditional food dishes that you wouldn’t even know are vegan.”


Blossom (187 9th Ave.) – “The food and atmosphere at blossom are low key. It’s not a scene, and it’s a great place to go have a nice quiet meal. One of the things that Blossom supports that I support as well is banning foie gras from all restaurants because it’s just downright cruel. When I’m dining with friends, the one thing that I won’t let them order is foie gras. They can eat any kind of meat they want, but I won’t tolerate foie gras being eaten in front me.”

Girls’ Night Out

The Box (189 Chrystie St.) – “I like The Box because the shows are always amazing, different, and so much more fun to go to a different place like this than a club where you have to listen to the same repetitive loud music all night. One of their resident performers, Rosewood, is always one of the highlights of the shows.”

Shannon’s Twitter People

@ShansenJewelry – my jewelry line

@tamsenfadal – my first cousin and business partner in everything we do

@ERICSCOTPHOTO – photographer I work with all the time who I think is amazing at what he does

@LizLieu – one of my best friends

@TheBaubShow – he’s also one of my best friends, and he does an online radio show that’s hysterical

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