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Harold Dieterle

Our streak of Friday Fives from notable chefs continues with Kin Shop and Perilla’s Harold Dieterle. At one point, Harold was best known as the first ever champion of Top Chef, back in season one, before pregnant Padma and Tom’s recurring role as the bad guy in the X-Men movies. Nowadays, Harold has made a name for himself with two very successful NYC restaurants, both of which we like a lot (though Kin Shop is particularly amazing).

The guy is clearly a talented chef, but we’ve also got to give Harold props on always having a killer music selection playing in the dining room of his restaurants. A little Tribe Called Quest always makes a spicy duck wrap taste that much better. Check out Harold’s solid “Perfect For” picks below, and get to his restaurants if you haven’t yet.

Harold’s “Perfect For” Picks

Date Night

15 East (15 E. 15th St.) – “The Mrs. and I love sitting in a corner booth. They always split everything for us. Nothing better than finishing the meal with homemade duck soba w/ scallions.”

Good Vibes

Little Owl “The Venue” (93 Greenwich Ave.) – “Have been to the best parties there this year. Joey knows how to throw a party!”

Outdoor/Patio Situation

The Harrison (355 Greenwich St.) – “It’s a lot more fun to sit back and watch the sun set, then it was cooking in the cafe season.”

Quality Fish

BLT Fish (21 W. 17th St.) – “Love going there for the Dover Sole. Amy Eubanks is a badass, love her food.”


Dovetail (103 W. 77th St.) – “The original meatless Monday’s and still the best. Fraser needs to take the show on the road and open a vegetable focused space.”

Bonus: Dumplings

Empire Szechuan Greenwich (15 Greenwich Ave.) – “Love the crab and pork soup here, they smoke Joe’s Shanghai every time.”

Bonus: German Fix

Café Steinhoff (422 7th Ave., Park Slope) “The schnitzel and spaetzle is seriously legit. The gin & tonic pours are very generous as well.”

Harold’s Twitter People

@bjpenndotcom – “My favorite mma fighter.”

@Maurica_les – “Youtube comedian phenomena…playing in nyc this weekend, scored tickets and im pumped.”

@chefkevinpenner – “My first chef, just started a blog…I guess thats what you do when you are opinionated.”

@LaQuercia – “Love their cured pork products.”

@Jeffallennyc – “Really enjoy reading his adventures through Chinatown with his backpack.”

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